Full Moon in Aquarius August 2019 – Rebel

The Full Moon occurs at 13:29 (BST) on August 15, 2019 at 22°Aq24′.

Signs in a chart belong to one of three modalities: cardinal, mutable or fixed. This chart is full of fixed energy. It gives us staying power, the ability to keep going when life is hard – but it also means there’s a stubborn edge and resistance to change.

The signs are also broken down into elements: fire, earth, air and water. This chart is filled with fire giving us passion, energy, motivation as well as the potential for burning too hot when it comes to our opinions and beliefs.

The Moon itself is in normally cool, calm and collected Aquarius. This is an air sign associated with higher mind. For a while now we have been living under mostly airless skies as only Pallas has been travelling through air sign Libra. All the fire then has been starved of oxygen. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, what was smouldering bursts to life. This period could elicit emotional flare ups.

At this Full Moon, we are coming to decisions or in crisis over issues connected to group connections, politics, friends and wider society. The Moon itself not only opposes the Sun in Leo, but also Venus, Juno and Mars. The Moon in Aquarius needs everyone to cool down, to allow everyone a say, to support one another and celebrate each other’s differences. But the gathering of planets in Leo suggests we are vying for attention. Emotions are heated by Mars and we’re quick to react from a place of instinct or childhood. We’re talking triggers – both of the emotional kind and the weapon kind.

The Moon opposing Venus brings discomfort. We must look at what makes us uncomfortable. It’s all too easy around this time to point the finger and say, ‘you’re the reason I’m unhappy’ or ‘this is the reason the world is like it is’. We’re hot and bothered and yet we know that we need to work together to create innovative change. But how do we do that when there are trust issues needling us in the background? The Sun and Venus quincunx to Pluto may mean we’re scared of things sliding out of control as well as afraid of our own shadow.

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The Moon, Sun and Venus all tightly square asteroid Vesta in Taurus creating a T-square pattern in the chart. Vesta then is where we need to place our attention to resolve some of the tension. Vesta says we need to focus on money, resources, food, stability, values. Concentrate on what is thriving.

Taurus is also a very practical sign whereas Aquarius is high-minded, Leo fiery and creative. Vesta in Taurus says we can talk until we are blue in the face but unless there are some tangible results, it’s all just drama. Ultimately, the tensions of this chart are there to help us work out what we want for the future. Aquarius is concerned with progress. What do today, forms the foundation for what happens tomorrow.

If we’re struggling around this period, we would do well to focus on applying our energy in areas of our lives where we can see the results of our efforts. For some this might be work, for others creative projects or physical fitness. Perhaps it’s just getting our house in order and making sure the bills are paid and the cupboards have food. Sometimes these necessities are all that is needed to bring us back down to Earth and dispel negativity or anxiety. The mundane is sacred too.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws

This symbol suggests that we need to look at where we are doing what others tell us to do for the sake of compliance. Obviously, there are laws of the land that are there to keep society functioning but also there are other ‘laws’ that we feel we can’t break because of what others might think of us. Aquarius for example rules those who are on the fringes of society – those who are rebels, revolutionaries, geniuses, mavericks. Yet these are the people who are often maligned for being too different, too weird. Aquarius may be ruled by quirky Uranus, but its co-ruler is Saturn, lord of conformity and doing the right thing. With the Moon on this Sabian symbol, it’s time to check in with whether we are being true to our essential nature or just robotically going through the motions.

With love Goddess asteroid Aphrodite conjunct the Moon’s dispositor Uranus, we are given an opportunity to learn to love our inner freak and celebrate our uniqueness. Uranus square Mercury jangles nerves but we need to bring together lower and higher mind. On some level, we know exactly what to do, if only we weren’t so afraid of what others might think. It’s time to surprise ourselves by unhitching from the fear of public opinion. Aquarius rules technology and Leo vanity – if ever there was a chart telling us to take social media acceptance or rejection with a pinch of salt, this is it.

Honour what is sacred to you.

Painting – ‘People’ by Pavel Filonov