Weekly Astrology Forecast August 12 – 18, 2019

Excerpt – Uranus stations retrograde on August 12, prompting us to embrace our inner weird. Nerves jangle as Uranus pushes us to change the path we are on because we’ve become too comfortable. The desire for security is challenged by the need for progress. Life becomes stale if we follow the same pattern for too long. During the station itself, we could feel oddly disconnected or ungrounded as Uranus shakes us awake. Do you ever have a moment when you look up and feel like everything has changed even though nothing has? Uranus movements are often like this. It switches our perspective so that we can see where new growth is needed. Pay attention to where there is any resistance. Notice where you are digging your hooves into the ground and saying “nope, not budging. This. Will. Not. Change” – because that’s precisely the thing that Uranus has got his beady eye on. The funny thing is (and Uranus has a quirky sense of humour), it’s precisely through change that we will achieve greater security later down the line.


12-Aug-19 Uranus stations retrograde
Nothing has changed but everything has changed.

13-Aug-19 Mercury trine Ceres
Feed your mind with thoughts of adventure

14-Aug-19 Sun conjunct Venus
Sabian symbol ‘A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission’
What is your heart telling you to complete?

15-Aug-19 Venus square Vesta
Don’t get distracted by pretty, shiny things.

15-Aug-19 Full Moon in Aquarius
Where are you just going through the motions?

15-Aug-19 Mercury exits shadow zone
Time to make some decisions and start thinking ahead.

15-Aug-19 Sun square Vesta
Focus on what is important to you.

15-Aug-19 Mercury trine Chiron
Be open to learning

16-Aug-19 Mercury square Uranus
Don’t let anxiety get the better of you

18-Aug-19 Mars enters Virgo
Dedicate energy to a job well done

Painting – ‘Pigeon-post’ by Miklos Barabas

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