Weekly Astrology Forecast – August 26 – September 1, 2019

Excerpt from PatreonPallas enters Scorpio on August 26 after nine months of diplomatic relations in Libra. Now we take Pallas’s creative and wise energy into the realm of personal complexes and shadows. Pallas’s sign shows us how we problem solve. In Scorpio we solve problems through deep investigation, detective work, shadow work, maybe even through occult knowledge and practice. Sometimes Pallas in Scorpio can literally solve problems in the dark, staying up late to think or turning issues over to dreams.

With Pallas’s entry into Scorpio, there are now no planets or major asteroids in air signs until the middle of September. Only the Moon passing through Libra (Sep 1 – 3) and Aquarius (Sep 10 – 12) will give us some air element until Mercury enters Libra next month. Maybe one way to sum up this influence would be that it’s better to do it rather than think about it. Actions will certainly speak louder than words for the next couple of weeks.


26-Aug-19 Pallas enters Scorpio
26-Aug-19 Venus trine Uranus
26-Aug-19 Mercury square Vesta
27-Aug-19 Chiron trine Ceres
28-Aug-19 Mars trine Uranus
28-Aug-19 Sun square Ceres
29-Aug-19 Mercury enters Virgo
30-Aug-19 Mercury sextile Pallas
30-Aug-19 Sun trine Uranus
30-Aug-19 New Moon in Virgo
30-Aug-19 Mercury conjunct Juno
01-Sep-19 Mercury square Ceres
01-Sep-19 Mercury trine Uranus
01-Sep-19 Venus trine Saturn

Painting – ‘Serving girl from Duval’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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