Weekly Astrology Forecast – September 9 – 15, 2019

Excerpt from my Patreon weekly forecastMars triggers the T-square on September 12, squaring Jupiter whilst also sextile the North Node. Negatively, this aspect can turn us all into crusaders. The natural humility of Virgo may give way to almost religious fervour for things to be done right! There’s a tendency to take action too quickly, buoyed by false confidence or righteousness, We need to listen carefully for signals from the universe as to whether we are moving in the right direction or taking wild stabs in the dark! With luck, Venus’s trine to priestess Vesta in Taurus will help us to stay heart focused. Mercury also trines Vesta, reminding us to concentrate on the basics. Don’t let the desire for something bigger and better take you away from appreciating what you have.

This Week’s Major Aspects

09-Sep-19 Mercury trine Pluto, Mars trine Saturn
Absolute focus
You can complete what you start

10-Sep-19 Sun opposite Neptune
If you are lost, stand still

11-Sep-19 Uranus opposite Pallas
Break the pattern for a radical shift in perspective

12-Sep-19 Mars sextile North Node and square Jupiter. Venus and Mercury trine Vesta
Nurture a ‘can-do’ attitude for your soul’s growth
Focus on what matters
Guard against reckless action.
Still your mind

13-Sep-19 Mercury conjunct Venus. Sun trine Pluto
Speak with love
A strengthened sense of purpose

14-Sep-19 Full Moon in Pisces, Mars opposite Neptune, Mercury and Venus enter Libra
Emotional decisions.
Don’t give up. Let your intuition guide your actions.
Think of compromises
Peace is possible

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Painting – ‘Ocean’ by Vartan Mahokian