Full Moon in Pisces September 2019 – A Holy Place

The Full Moon occurs at 05:32 (BST) on September 14, 2019 at 21°Pi05′.

Still, there is no air in the chart. With a high number of planets in Earth signs combined with this watery Moon, we’d be forgiven for thinking we’re slogging through muddy ground. The atmosphere feels thick and heavy, yet the skies draw us within to contemplate and connect.

The opposition between the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo brings up issues of sacred and mundane; spiritual experience compared to Earthly experience. Sometimes it’s hard to balance the two. Lost in the mire of daily work it can be easy to forget our spiritual needs. Art, meditation, time for oneself falls away under the constant pressure of obligations and duties. Yet without these things, life can become monotonous and meaningless.

The Moon is conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter, both rulers of Pisces, modern and traditional. Life may be pushing us down, but feelings are welling up. It’s important that we don’t shove them away as they have the power to lift us beyond ground level to a place where we can catch sight of the bigger picture. There are waves upon waves of emotion, tears, a swell of yearning for the wilderness. We’re wandering in the woods, daydreaming in the office. Fingers linger on old photos, memories surge bringing smiles and leaking eyes, saltwater running back to the ocean. The temptation is to escape or dwell, but we can’t stay lost here.

The challenge is that we are now at the height of the T-square. The Moon opposes not only the Sun but also Venus, Mercury, Mars, Mars itself is about to perfect an opposition to Neptune. This also can sometimes indicate the moment when we feel like giving up, giving in. At its worst this aspect can be insidious whispers such as :-

What’s the point?
I can’t do anything anyway
I don’t know what to do so better to do nothing
I suck at everything
I never get anywhere
Everything is against me
The problem is too big

Self-defeating self-talk can see motivation trickle away before it starts. Part of us wants to stick our heads in the sand, spiritually bypass, check out with a bottle of gin. Asteroid Bacchus, God of Revelry is conjunct the Sun! Asteroid Isis, she who pieces the jigsaw back together, is conjunct Mercury and Venus, trying to figure it out. But yet we can’t see the picture and all the edge pieces seem to be missing.

Can you be okay with not knowing how it all fits together or how it’s going to turn out?

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Sometimes we don’t know where the story is leading. We are mid chapter right now and at a critical point in the drama. Mercury and Venus are anaretic in Virgo and desperate to help or to feel like something, anything, is improving. But the Moon conjunct misty Neptune suggests that we need to surrender, go with the flow, let the tide carry us to where we need to be. Jupiter says, everything hinges on faith.

The question is, how can we be okay with this big mess, the confusion, distortion, lies? How can we be okay when our greatest dreams fall apart?

The Moon’s sextile to Pluto tells us that we must come back to a place of trust. We need to trust ourselves. We need to trust the universe. We need to trust our intuition. It’s not about doing nothing and hoping for the best. It’s about knowing your power and using it in the world. Control what you can. Do what you can. Let go of the rest. Balance action and inaction. Balance the hustle of daily life with the silence and solace of the shore. Balance the soul’s needs with those of the physical body. Don’t you dare give up.

Decisions made around this time come from the gut. What we feel can’t be ignored by rational mind. Make time for personal reflection. Feel your sorrow and your joy. If it all feels meaningless, go deeper. Is it really true that nothing touches you anymore or is it that you switched off? Connect with your deity. Find something that tugs at your heartstrings. Actively pursue what lifts you up. Everyone is needed. No one is superfluous. Pisces rules the invisible thread that connects everything and everyone. Despite the tensions in this chart, there is also powerful transformative magic available.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai

Find your holy place. Make space for receiving spiritual instruction. This is a time of revelation of sacred truths that will form a touchstone for the future. Honour the spark of divinity within.

Painting – ‘Moses on Mount Sinai’ by Jean-Leon Gerome