Weekly Forecast September 16 – 22, 2019

Excerpt from my weekly Patreon post – Jupiter creates its final square to Neptune on September 21. We can anticipate that our entire week is coloured by this movement. Some may have found the peak already arrived on the Pisces Full Moon. This has been a curious, bewitching and sometimes tricky transit. Ultimately, it’s been about finding meaning in the madness and shifting beliefs to align with our spiritual understanding. Perhaps even more importantly, Jupiter has magnified where we have been deluding ourselves – never comfortable but clearly necessary. I think at times, we have all gazed at the enormity of the problems surrounding us and felt helpless. And yet, Jupiter has continued to press us to find our meaning, reconnect with deity, use our imagination, express more compassion. If there are disappointments around this time, these things were not meant to be.

16-Sep-19 Mercury opposite Chiron
Words can heal or harm. Use them carefully.

17-Sep-19 Venus opposite Chiron
Where there is heartache, apply love.

18-Sep-19 Saturn stations Direct
Release the baggage
Commit to do the work
Take responsibility for yourself.
It’s time

19-Sep-19 Mars trine Pluto
Passions intensify. The courage to change.

21-Sep-19 Jupiter square Neptune
Great uncertainly. The vast unknown. Find your meaning.
Your imagination can take you anywhere.

22-Sep-19 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Mercury square Saturn
Indecision stems from self-doubt.
Get out of your mind and into your body.
Learn to be okay with saying no.

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