Young Warriors – Greta Thunberg

Excerpt from Patreon post – Recently, I have begun studying the charts of young people who are present on the world stage calling for change. Some are activists, some musicians, some just strong characters with a powerful presence. Today I want to talk about one of those young people who is garnering wider and wider attention – Greta Thunberg.

There is no time of birth for Greta, so I have put the Sun sign on the Ascendant. It means of course that we don’t have her true Ascending sign, but we can read the chart through the lens of the solar mission – and what a mission it has become!

Greta was born on the back on a New Moon in Capricorn.  Although we don’t know whether the Sun and Moon are still in a conjunction in her natal chart, we do know that both are still in Capricorn. We can see then that her mission is connected to beginnings of a serious nature which unites her conscious and unconscious, heart and soul. She is the wise seed and an instigator – remember Capricorn is a cardinal sign that gets things started! Capricorn too is old before its time – ‘an old head on young shoulders’ as they say. Her wisdom is born from deep contemplation and sensitivity to the suffering of the planet. Her manner appears typically stern, and she rarely smiles. She presents a ‘no frills’ image and simply says what needs to be said. For Greta, the message is simple, time is running out. Note that Saturn, ruler of Time is the dispositor of her Capricorn collection of planets.

Greta’s Sun is closely conjunct wounded healer Chiron. This illustrates that she identifies with the mavericks, the broken ones, the ones who hurt. Chiron is half man and half horse, and I have noticed more and more how this complex planetoid/comet is connected with environmental issues. David Attenborough, who also warned that time is running out, has Chiron anaretic in his own chart making its energies and actions critical. One of Chiron’s functions is to bring together disparate parts of the self. Perhaps more literally, it could talk of how humankind can live in harmony with the natural world – just as Chiron manages to function as a whole being with the head and chest of a man and a lower body of a horse.


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The Sabian symbol of her Sun is either :-

A Fire Worshipper Meditates On The Ultimate Realities Of Existence


An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture

Both symbols are relevant to her cause. The first strongly expresses her intensely contemplative nature. She sees the reality! The second is a haunting echo of her message – we are witnessing the death of a culture, human culture, humankind. Will we live to tell the tale?

Note that Saturn is stationing direct on September 18, 2019 conjunct her natal Sun. This can be a heavy transit however it can also denote respect and recognition for hard work. On September 16, 2019, Greta received the Ambassador of Conscience Award, the highest award from Amnesty International.


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