Weekly Astrology Forecast September 23 – 29, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – The week begins with the Sun entering Libra on September 23 heralding the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Although we are having some late summery days here in the UK, certainly the light is changing. I heard the geese flying south for the winter a week or so ago and the leaves are beginning to turn. In the mornings, there is that soft golden glow that only Autumn brings.

As we enter Libra season, we are now at the time of year where our relationships with others are illuminated. Close friends and partners along with business partnerships are put under the spotlight during this period. We are also concerned with fairness for all and generally the mood is more congenial than of late. Also, on this date, Mercury will square the Nodal axis from Libra, so we are put on notice that there are some key communication issues that need to be resolved. Schedule time for a conversation over a cuppa or even some quiet thinking time to bring things back into balance.


23-Sep-19 Mercury square the Nodes
A conversation is needed to clear the air

23-Sep-19 Sun enters Libra
Relationships and inner balance are in the spotlight

24-Sep-19 Mercury sextile Jupiter
Stretch your thinking. Be open to learning

25-Sep-19 Venus square Saturn
Doubts about love and money. Don’t sell yourself short

26-Sep-19 Venus square North Node
Your heart’s truth reveals the way forward

27-Sep-19 Mercury square Pluto
Talk about your fears. Lay your truth on the line

27-Sep-19 Sun opposite Chiron
Extreme sensitivity. Compromise, but not so far that you break

28-Sep-19 Saturn conjunct South Node
Release the baggage that has been holding you back

28-Sep-19 New Moon in Libra
A new agreement or relationship must navigate complex differences

29-Sep-19 Venus sextile Jupiter
Indulge your joy! Feel good vibes.

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 Painting – Detail from ‘The Unity and Justice’ by Theodoor van Thulden