Weekly Astrology Forecast September 30 – October 6, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – October 3 sees Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn. Since the end of April, we have been pushed to clear out old material that has been holding us back. Pluto asked us to go deeper, forced us back on ourselves to face the fear within. Now this journey is done, we are clear to press ahead with our journey of transformation. The ground that we are travelling over, the issues arising, may feel familiar because yes, we have been here before. But now we’re armed with greater fortitude, more power and increased insight. As Mercury also enters Pluto-ruled Scorpio on the same day, this is a dynamic period of growing inner awareness and insight. Now we are ready to speak the truth. Now we’re ready to think about the stuff that we didn’t want to consider before. These aspects benefit everything from intimate conversations to business transactions that require acuity and strong nerve.

Major Aspects This Week

01-Oct-19 Venus square Pluto
Love and power collide. Jealousy. Confront unpleasant truths to deepen bonds

03-Oct-19 Pluto stations Direct, Mercury enters Scorpio
Mental acuity. Enhanced understanding. Deep thought
A turning point. Step into your power.

04-Oct-19 Mars enters Libra
Look for win-win solutions. We are stronger together.

05-Oct-19 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Tensions in working relationships or between work and relationships
Listen to your gut to restore order

06-Oct-19 Sun square North Node
Pause. Regain your balance. The path is revealed when you come back to centre.

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