Weekly Astrology Forecast October 7 – 13, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – Venus enters Scorpio on October 8. This is a challenging placement as this is the sign of her detriment although it doesn’t mean that Venus cannot function here at all. In fact, by confronting the more difficult aspects of this placement, our relationships can be enriched. The problem is that Venus is all about harmony. Venus rules placid Taurus and polite Libra but Scorpio is anything but placid and polite! Scorpio wants to plummet the depths, sniff out the truth, even if it’s ugly. Scorpio wants an x-ray of your heart, a lie detector test and the kind of love that transcends death itself. And Venus, well, Venus feels antsy around all this complicated, psychological stuff. She would much rather curl up for a cuddle or go out for a nice meal with pleasant chit chat.

But still, if we can open our hearts and let ourselves fall into Scorpio’s velvet night waters, then something beautiful happens. We emerge cleansed of toxic attitudes and ready to take our relationships to the next level. The shadow side of this placement is that Scorpio can be very compelling, compulsive, jealous and as Venus wants to restore harmony there can be a tendency to push and push to get what we desire. What helps is that Venus and Mars are in mutual reception as each are in the other’s sign of rulership (using Mars as traditional ruler of Scorpio). This modifies some of the more difficult potential of this transit as Mars is motivated to keep others onside rather than aggressively push for what it wants.

This Week’s Major Aspects

07-Oct-19 Mercury opposite Uranus. Sun square Saturn
Anxiety about the future. Avoid snap decisions. Brainstorm ideas
Self-doubt. Don’t hide your light. Know that you are good enough.

08-Oct-19 Venus enters Scorpio
Complicated relationships but potential for greater intimacy.

09-Oct-19 Mars opposite Chiron
Weak points exposed. Don’t turn anger inwards. Be proactive about healing

12-Oct-19 Mercury trine North Node, Venus opposite Uranus
A whisper within points you in the right direction
Sudden changes in relationships. Give each other space to explore new interests

13-Oct-19 Full Moon in Aries. Sun sextile Jupiter
Assert independence but be mindful of other’s needs.
Know your strengths. Look for common ground. Dare to hope

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