Weekly Astrology Forecast October 14 – 20, 2019

Excerpt from PatreonJupiter forms the last of three sesquiquadrates to Uranus on October 14. It’s a minor aspect but as it involves a social and transpersonal planet, it forms an important part of the collective background picture. Jupiter and Uranus together in any aspect tends to inflate the need for freedom and the willingness to experiment. The sesquiquadrate however is unwieldy, sometimes triggering overwrought reactions.

Many of us feel like certain freedoms have been curbed (and many of those freedoms have been abused by those in power). We’re fighting the system for positive change. Under Jupiter’s urgent vision, Uranus has smashed the status quo with a loud rebellion, and we see this in the explosion of civil disobedience that has rippled across the planet in response to the climate crisis. Whilst this can be a difficult aspect, in some ways perhaps we could say that it has bolstered our hopes and made us believe more in our ability to change the world. But we do need to be aware that sesquiquadrates have a habit of spinning out of control, so we must give our fight for freedom clear guidelines and objectives. Still, there is strong potential for sudden understanding and expansive, innovative ideas. In our personal lives, we need to be aware of how making judgements too quickly can lead to instability. Sometimes the extreme desire for radical change can lead us to see things differently than how they are. Maybe all we need is a change of perspective.


14-Oct-19 Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus. Sun square Pluto. Mercury sextile Saturn.
Great vision demands innovation. Create clear guidelines and objectives rather than barrelling in without a plan
Pressure to change. Feeling cornered by fear. Don’t be afraid of your own power.
Slow your thoughts. Create a draft. Think in the long term

15-Oct-19 Mercury trine Neptune
Write down your dreams. Let your intuition guide your decisions. Tender conversation.

17-Oct-19 Jupiter semi-sextile Pluto. Venus trine North Node
Believe in your power to implement change
Trust your heart to guide you through the unknown.

19-Oct-19 Mercury sextile Pluto
Perceptive thought. Intellectual acumen. Talk about fear. Intimate conversation.

20-Oct-19 Venus sextile Saturn
Relationship stability. Responsible money management. Long term commitment to your heart’s desire.

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