Weekly Astrology Forecast October 28 – November 3, 2019

Excerpt from PatreonThe big news of the week is Mercury’s station retrograde on October 31. With Mercury retrograding through Scorpio, it’s like the story from the New Moon continues. We need to dig down, get to the truth, find out the facts, express our emotions, talk about our fears, have an inner dialogue with our shadow. The challenge is that Scorpio can be fixed in its opinion and like a dog with a bone. Playing detective is one thing but obsessing is quite another. We need to know when to let it go. Our thoughts could be consumed by topics such as who to trust, with whom do we share our secrets, whose secrets do we hold? Naturally as Mercury stations at Samhain/Hallowe’en, we may also be thinking about those who have passed away, the nature of death, our own mortality. We may also be talking or thinking about shared resources, taxes, mortgages, credit cards. It’s not the lightest of transits for sure but then again, as we head towards the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January, this is exactly what is needed. Saturn at Pluto draw the line at bullsh*t so this Mercury retrograde is going to help us clear our minds ready to tackle the big stuff.

28-Oct-19 New Moon in Scorpio, Sun opposite Uranus
A sudden awakening. A new start. One door closes, another door opens
Expected the unexpected

30-Oct-19 Mercury conjunct Venus
Heart and mind united. Speak your truth

31-Oct-19 Mercury stations Retrograde. Samhain
A dialogue with the shadow. Speak about what scares you. Time to investigate.
Honour the ancestors. Remember loved ones who have passed over.

01-Nov-19 Venus enters Sagittarius
Love is an adventure. Pleasure is found in new places.
Loosen the reins in relationships for greater warmth.

03-Nov-19 Sun trine North Node. Venus trine Chiron
Destiny illuminated. Love is healing. *****************************************************************
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