November 2019 Astrology Forecast

sagittarius-1907We begin the month with Mercury retrograde, having started its backtrack on Hallowe’en in scary Scorpio. During this Mercury retrograde period, it’s necessary for us to dig deep into our fears and shadows and explore issues with intimacy, sharing and shared resources, endings and change in our relationships with others. This is a transit that drives us to search for truth – but we must be mindful of where we are obsessing over details that don’t matter. Trust issues too are likely to be brought to the foreground. Straight conversation with a willingness to be honest will plunder the riches that this Mercury retrograde offers.

Venus enters Sagittarius on November 1, giving us some bounce and vigour when it comes to our relationships. After the intensity of Venus in Scorpio, now we need a free rein and room to explore. Relationships benefit from adventures into new places; trying out a new restaurant; a quick weekend away; next year’s holiday planning. The downside is that Venus in Sagittarius prefers to be footloose and fancy free, so if we’re too clingy it can put the fire out. Still, this is a creative time and it does invite us to open our hearts to new experiences.

The First Quarter Moon on November 4 emphasises the need for space as the Moon in friendly but detached Aquarius squares the sexy, sultry Scorpio Sun. Yes, we desire intimacy, truth, deep bonding but emotionally we are at a turning point in the lunar cycle and the emphasis is on freedom and breaking old habits.

As both Scorpio’s rulers, Mars and Pluto, square one another on November 5, we could find that any bid for freedom or focus on change is likely to meet with tough resistance – either from others or from within ourselves. Mars square Pluto is heated, impulsive, confrontational and we’re tempted to try to force a point. Mars’s natural desire to be number 1, first, a winner, a leader is intensified by Pluto, but this competitiveness can become destructive, especially if manipulative tactics are used. The more we allow anger to get the better of us, the less control we have. Positively, Mars square Pluto contains huge reserves of energy, perfect for tackling difficult tasks and working on our personal goals.

From here though, the month starts to straighten out. Saturn forms its final sextile to Neptune on November 9. All year we have been confronted with impossible dreams through Jupiter’s wishful square to Neptune, but Saturn has urged us to focus on those dreams that are workable in the real world. Perhaps now is the time when we begin to see the manifestation of what we imagined, the dream becoming a reality. It may not be as advanced, adventurous or as big as what we originally wanted, but still something is taking shape and maybe, just maybe, it will give our poor world-weary hearts a cause for celebration.

We reach the midway point in the Mercury retrograde cycle on November 11 as Mercury meets the Sun. This year, Mercury will show his face, transiting across the face of the Sun for all budding astronomers (and astrologers!) to see. So, this year, we can physically witness tiny Mercury seated on the giant throne of the Sun, scorched yet not burned. Often it is around this time when we receive information, inspiration, an idea or illumination that brings clarity.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on November 12, opposing the Sun-Mercury conjunction. Perhaps whatever it is we discovered requires us to change. But Taurus prefers everything to stay the same. We must weigh up what we keep and what we release, where we invest and where we cut our losses. A Mars-Jupiter sextile however also occurs on this date, at least boosting energy and courage to face any difficult decisions brought by this lunation.

Mars then enters home sign Scorpio (using traditional rulership) on November 19. We’re motivated to get real in relationships. Desires surge. After having to watch his step in Libra, this placement feels familiar, warm, welcoming, easier. Now we’re willing to stare those scary stories we tell ourselves in the face because Mars in Scorpio is brave and can turn fear to fuel. During this period, we can get clear about what is driving us. Mars pushes us to get underneath surface wants and explore what we really desire deep down. As Scorpio is a fixed sign, once we begin a path, mission or goal under this influence, we tend to pursue relentlessly. This can be a positive or negative depending on the situation! We also have the Last Quarter Moon on this date too, a complicated scenario with the Moon in regal Leo and the Sun in shadowy Scorpio. It could prompt dramatic scenes if we feel ignored or unseen. It’s best that we don’t get too caught up in perceived snubs and instead stay playful with life.

Mercury stations direct on November 20, releasing us from slow-downs and snarl-ups. But we do need to give Mercury time to get back on his feet (or rather to resurface!) as the station direct itself can manifest as unpredictable events.

The Sun then enters Sagittarius on November 22 and after so much emphasis on Scorpio recently, it’s possible we could feel like a dog let off its lead. Hope returns or we’re searching for inspiration, looking in places we’ve never explored before. Sagittarius loves an adventure and to travel so we too might want to do the same. But this is also a very philosophical sign. After all the deep diving in Scorpio’s waters, perhaps now our views have changed, or we need to consider how our beliefs support or scupper our personal mission. During Sagittarius season, it’s also important to reconnect to what brings us joy. Re-ignite your spark.

The Lesser and Greater Benefics, Venus and Jupiter meet in the heavens on November 24, also in Sagittarius, There is potential for some wild fun and a surge of excitement as hearts burst wide open. This is a generous aspect that reminds us of all the abundance that is in our lives. Complicating matters somewhat however is that Mars opposes Uranus on the same date. This is a highly unpredictable aspect, where sudden action or decisions may take us a long way from where we anticipated. Certainly, it’s exciting but it’s important we stay on the high side. Resist impulsiveness and confrontational behaviour, especially over differing viewpoints. Keep the Venus-Jupiter conjunction near to hand. If you’re stuck, ask yourself, is this a response from the heart?

Venus then enters sensible Capricorn on November 26 where the love Goddess prefers to focus on commitment more than adventure. Love takes work under this transit, but a mature, practical approach can bring relationships the stable foundation they need. In all matters of love and money, we may run into issues around limitation and lack, fear and caution. This is the time to work on our practice of self-love, respect ourselves enough to say no – or yes, depending on the situation! Capricorn is an ambitious sign that works hard to bring out the best in us. This is about bringing out the best of what is in our hearts, standing by our personal values and appreciating responsibility.

Right on the heels of Venus’s ingress into Capricorn, we have a new Moon in Sagittarius, so even if Venus has got her poker face on, we haven’t yet left behind the enthusiasm of the Archer. A new start around this time asks us to aim our arrow high and aim for the truth. The Moon’s trine to Chiron promises that a new beginning is seeded with healing energy. As Sagittarius drives us to broaden our experience, this is the perfect time to make a vision board of all the places you want to visit, write a list of books you want to read, sign up for a class or read the writings of a teacher or mentor.

The month ends with Neptune’s station direct on November 27. The changing of the tide can bring a moment of uncertainty – are we coming or going, lost or found? What’s real and what’s illusion? We need to use our intuition as a compass to navigate the waves. Soon new dreams to pursue will emerge from the depths of our unconscious.

November 2019 Major Aspects

03-Nov-19SuntrineNorth Node01:10:15
04-Nov-19First Quarter Moon in Aquarius10:22:57
12-Nov-19Full Moon in Taurus13:34:17
19-Nov-19Last Quarter Moon in Leo21:10:49
20-Nov-19Mercury stations direct19:11:32
26-Nov-19New Moon in Sagittarius15:05:28
27-Nov-19Neptune stations Direct12:32:07
29-Nov-19JunosquareNorth Node04:51:31