Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 4 – 10, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – Juno enters Libra on November 4 for an extra-long stay in this airy sign. Due to retrograde action, Juno will remain in the sign of the Scales until September 20, 2020. As Juno is connected to marriages, agreements and contracts and she is travelling through a sign associated with relationships both personal and professional, it seems that there is going to be an added emphasis on finding our balance in this area of life. Juno is naturally happy here, but she is also extremely sensitive to any injustice. It’s possible that we may see a period of increased litigation as Libra is also connected to the law courts and Juno is not one to shrink away from a fair fight.

This Week’s Major Aspects

04-Nov-19 Juno enters Libra. First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Fairness and justice in relationships becomes a prime concern
Freedom and innovation are favoured. Confront fears of losing control.

05-Nov-19 Mars square Pluto
Intense pressure to act. Explosive. Use the force wisely!

08-Nov-19 Pallas enters Sagittarius, Sun sextile Saturn, Sun trine Neptune
Problems are solved through education and thinking big
Quiet determination sees dreams realised

09-Nov-19 Saturn sextile Neptune
Manifestation magic is at work. Faith constructs a new reality

10-Nov-19 Mercury sextile Pluto
Hard but therapeutic conversation deepens bonds.
Powerful insight reshapes thinking

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