Full Moon in Taurus November 2019 – Earthed

The Full Moon occurs at 13:34 (UT) on November 12, 2019 at 19°Ta51′

The peak of the lunar cycle lands in the fixed earth sign of Taurus opposing the Sun in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Practical issues connected to security, money and resources are challenged by deep emotional issues connected to fear, control, power and change. Taurus is about LIFE, Scorpio about DEATH – how do we comfort ourselves in the dark? How do we invest time, money, energy into the world, knowing that in the end, we will leave as we came, with nothing? Somehow, it’s about making peace with what is, being in the present, loving the now. Taurus is connected to nature. It’s spring flourishing, trees laden with fruit, lazing in a field on a summer’s day. Taurus asks us to slow down, focus on the basics, allow ourselves time to smell the flowers. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year, says Taurus. Be here, be now. Life is good.

The Full Moon is tightly conjunct asteroid Vesta. Vesta is currently retrograde in Taurus, asking us to pay special attention to any self-esteem issues as well as tightening our focus on our resources. As Taurus rules possessions and Vesta is a priestess, we may want to go through our belongings so we can release what no longer serves us to leave space to honour those items that we hold sacred. Honouring the body too, the vessel of the soul, is also important. Take time to languish in a bath, wrap yourself in soft fabrics, light candles, eat a favourite meal, spend time with a lover – don’t forget Taurus is ruled by love Goddess Venus.

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Venus herself is in Sagittarius where she asks for freedom to roam and follow her heart. The challenge is that Venus is also square to Neptune which introduces a desire to escape the bad old world. In the background, Mars and Pluto are still square one another indicating frustration over power games, inequality and lack of control. Mercury is still psychological demon hunting whilst retrograde in Scorpio and of course Saturn and Pluto grow ever closer to their meeting in January. The background atmosphere is grave and intense so yes maybe skipping off to lala land seems like a reasonable response to everything that is happening! The problem however is that Venus square Neptune can over-romanticise and is easily disappointed. Chasing rainbows is not going to get the real gold that Taurus can hold in its hands or feel in its heart.

The Full Moon opposes Mercury suggesting that there is a split between what we think (Mercury) and what we feel (the Moon). We need to bring the two together, something that Mercury is already working on whilst deep-diving in Scorpio. What we have working strongly in our favour though is that the Moon is trine both Saturn and Pluto. These aspects empower and fortify us and give us a rock to lean on when push comes to shove. Saturn and Pluto tell us that we can use the wisdom of our experience to reshape our world. We have much more power than we think we do.

The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Wisps Of Wing-like Clouds Streaming Across The Sky

Yes, we need to be grounded but we also need to look up. Gaze into the vast sky and know that there is a greater pattern, a bigger plan. Scry the clouds for messages from above. Trust that angels and divine beings are present in these tough times.

Painting – ‘Wheat Fields with Stacks’ by Vincent van Gogh