Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 11 – 17, 2019

Excerpt from PatreonWe reach the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde period on November 11 as the Sun and Mercury meet. This will also be a visible transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun. This relatively rare event won’t take place again until 2032, with those in the States having to wait until 2049 for it to occur in daylight hours.

In the UK, the transit of Mercury begins at 12:35 (UT) as Mercury makes first contact with the edge of the Sun from our point of view. The exact conjunction astrologically speaking is at 15:21 (UT). I am sure many of you know but I will say it because it can never be said enough – DO NOT look directly at the Sun as even a glimpse can do irreparable damage to your eyes! Also, don’t look at the Sun through eclipse glasses with binoculars as that can also damage your eyes despite the glasses! Be safe! We cannot see anything much with the naked eye anyway due to the glare of the Sun so specialised equipment is needed to view this event clearly and safely. The easiest way to observe is to watch it on one of the sites that will be streaming it. I will be watching on Space.com 

I always find the images of this astronomical event so evocative, with tiny Mercury dwarfed by the light of our giant star yet staying true to its course. It seems especially poignant as this retrograde has been so intense, deep in Scorpio’s underworld. As Mercury reaches the throne of the Sun, it’s like receiving cosmic wisdom straight from source. It’s a time of clarity as heart and mind come together. Maybe we have a dream, an idea, a conversation or a piece of information makes everything falls into place. What was hidden is revealed and we are reborn from holy fire.

Major Aspects This Week

11-Nov-19 Sun conjunct Mercury
Divine purpose is revealed. Rebirth from holy fire. Mind illuminated

12-Nov-19 Full Moon in Taurus, Mars sextile Jupiter
Ground yourself in the present. Life is abundant. Be proactive and positive.

13-Nov-19 Mercury sextile Saturn and trine Neptune, Sun sextile Pluto
Powerful energy is available for personal transformation
Make a plan. Engage your imagination. Speak with authority and compassion.

14-Nov-19 Venus square Neptune
Romanticism. Potential for holy moments or deep disappointment.
Don’t let impossible dreams distract you from the real beauty in life.

16-Nov-19 Ceres enters Capricorn
Tough love is sometimes necessary. Nurture your career.
Take care of yourself by being disciplined and organised.

Painting – Harvester Holding Her Sickle by Camille Corot

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