Interpreting Yods – Patreon Extract

A Yod in a natal chart is created by a two planets in a sextile to one another (the base) both quincunx another planet (the apex). It’s also called a Finger of God pattern. It’s associated with carrying family karma and having a special skill and mission. But Yods can also be difficult to manage, requiring constant adjustments and often manifest as a feeling of uneasiness. Yet somehow, despite insecurities, fears and the weird feeling of being different, the person with a Finger of God, often feels as though their life is fated, as if indeed the universe is sending a hand down from the heavens, pointing the way ahead.

I created a 50 minute recording on my Patreon on Interpreting Yods. This video is more suited to those who have a basic grounding in astrology and want to deepen their understanding of this complex aspect pattern. If you would like to become a member to listen, the link is here