Weekly Astrology Forecast November 25 – December 1, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon …November 27, Neptune stations direct after five months in backward motion. For many of us, there’s been a gradual realisation that certain hopes, dreams and wishes were unworkable in reality. Neptune retrograde uncovers self-delusion and deception yet also offers gifts to replace what has been lost. Consider what new hopes have been birthed in the last couple of weeks? What messages are coming up from your unconscious through dreams and meditation? This is the material that we will now work with as Neptune moves forwards again. Note that the station date itself often comes with a moment of confusion. Take your time. Ride the wave. Surrender to the moment. Send up a prayer to your deity. As Neptune stations, it will also sextile Vesta, Goddess of Heath and Home and Keeper of the Flame. Tap into your spiritual resources, Create sacred space within and without. Bless this moment.

This Week’s Major Aspects

26-Nov-19 Venus enters Capricorn, New Moon in Sagittarius
Love and money matters benefit from a mature, committed approach
New beginnings occur around travel, education, adventure. Open your mind to what is possible.

27-Nov-19 Venus square Chiron. Neptune stations Direct
Address heartache. Resist the urge to put up walls to protect yourself.
Be present, even if it hurts.
All is not lost. What remains is a gift from the Gods.
New dreams are being birthed from the cosmic waters.
Anchor yourself against self-deception. Ask your soul for the truth.

28-Nov-19 Mercury trine Neptune, Venus trine Uranus
Trust your intuition. Write poetry, music, fiction.
Take yourself out of your comfort zone for a burst of excitement.
New experiences bring pleasure.

30-Nov-19 Mercury sextile Saturn
Give yourself time to think. Speak mindfully and thoughtfully.
Ponder serious questions. Listen attentively. Make a plan.

Painting – Neptune’s Horses Walter Crane

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