December 2019 Astrology Forecast

As we arrive at the last month of the year, in the outer world many of us are winding down for Christmas or Yule, preparing for visitors or travel, planning meals and gifts. It’s matters at home that tend to sing more loudly as we hurry away from work, eager to put obligations behind us and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere.

But astrologically speaking, we’re moving towards a formidable build up of planets in practical, professional, serious Capricorn and this is also Jupiter’s destination too, entering the sign of the Sea-Goat on December 2. After a year living it up in his own lands, Jupiter must now embark on a new journey, one which is slower in pace and more restrictive in nature.

Jupiter shows us where developments take place and expands upon what it touches. Here we have potential to grow. For all of us, there is going to be an area of our lives where we need to be more practical, more professional, more business-like. However, there is also an opportunity to increase our sense of stability, fortify foundations, develop career opportunities and put what we have learned into practice. Think back to what was going on in your life during 2008 as this is the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn. Whilst it’s not expected that we repeat the same patterns, you may find a certain resonance with themes that arise during this time.

As Jupiter is also connected to law and Capricorn to rules, we may also find these matters become more prominent in the mundane world. The laws of the land may become a big topic of discussion. Business growth and the material welfare of countries may also be top of the agenda as Jupiter in Capricorn wants to build an empire. Negatively, this transit can manifest as narrow-minded beliefs, authoritarian ideologies, increased fascism and austerity.

The First Quarter Moon occurs on December 4. The Moon in Pisces (conjunct Neptune) squares the Sun in Sagittarius (conjunct Pallas) so we may find ourselves struggling with academic understanding versus direct personal experience. What we believe may be thrown off kilter by what we feel intuitively. It’s important that we allow for change and growth in our personal philosophy of life.

Mercury exits the shadow zone of the last retrograde period on December 7 so we should by now feel well past any problems that came up during the retrograde period. Mercury will then finally enter Sagittarius on December 9 after a two-month long stint in Scorpio. Most likely there will be some sense of mental release as Mercury climbs up from the bowels of the underworld. Sagittarius is an expansive sign – a sign of vast skies, grassy meadows, wide horizons. Minds are turned to philosophical subjects and we have a desire to read and learn. With Mercury’s winged sandals and helmet, this transit can also instil in us the desire to take flight and travel. The challenge is that Mercury is in detriment in this sign. The vast array of possibilities available to us to sate our curiosity can become oddly paralysing or scatter our thoughts. Pick a topic, a place, a conversation and start there. Resist the urge to skip from one thing to another.

Jupiter square Chiron also occurs on December 9. This is a one hit wonder and could possibly exacerbate painful wounds and old hurts as Jupiter tends to magnify what it touches. Maybe we feel like the Gods are hurting us or feel like the victim of judgementalism. Both of these archetypes however are connected to wisdom so there is growth through pain. It’s important that we know how to tap into our joy despite our suffering.

A Full Moon in Gemini on December 12 squares Neptune in Pisces and forms a tight quincunx to Saturn in Capricorn. Minds are split by uncertainty (Neptune) or doubt (Saturn). We don’t know who or what to believe, what is fact, what is fiction. Hmmm, not the best influence for the UK General Election due to take place on this date!  With Neptune in play, it seems like the electorate could be tired, disillusioned, disbelieving or deceived. I’m noting here that I published this forecast on my Patreon before the story broke about the Tories setting up a website with specific intent to mislead potential Labour voters!

Chiron stations direct in Aries on December 13. With the Wounded Healer moving through this fiery, independent sign, we’re being taught about wounds that affect our ability to demonstrate confidence and leadership. Since early July, when Chiron stationed retrograde, we have had to backtrack to cleanse old hurts that prevent us from thriving and taking the initiative. As Chiron moves forwards again, we take what we have learned and begin to apply it in practice. If Chiron is currently making a strong aspect to the personal chart, we may still doubt our strengths but hopefully by now we understand ourselves better enough to accept the challenges that life brings and offers.

The station of Chiron is accompanied by a trine from Aries ruler Mars to Neptune, also on December 13. This aspect has the potential to soften any blows and allows us to trust our intuition to guide our actions. Mars trine Neptune also activates our imagination, giving us creative material to use to achieve our goals.

We get another zing of energy on December 15 when Jupiter makes its one and only trine to Uranus in this cycle. Jupiter encourages us to broaden horizons and brings opportunities and lucky breaks. Uranus asks that we make room for change and pushes us to express our uniqueness. The trine between the two brings the potential for joyous freedom, large scale rebellion, increased instability, visionary technology, progressive beliefs, exciting adventure, radical (new) religion, optimism about the future. This transit could work very well for innovation and scientific experiments that stretch our thinking.

The final turn in the lunar cycle arrives on December 19 as the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Sagittarius. The Moon in Virgo needs us to pay attention to the details whereas the Sagittarius Sun majestically sweeps his hand across the landscape and invites us to take it all in.  This little picture/big picture conflict could cause analysis paralysis if we don’t find a way to hold both in mind. However, with Mars in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn on the same date, we’ll most likely find a way, especially if we’re proactive and practical. Mars is Scorpio is not afraid to confront fears and Saturn in Capricorn doesn’t stop until it’s reached the top of the mountain. Put together, we can see how this aspect benefits hard work, physical exercise and tasks that require consistent effort.

Venus enters Aquarius on December 20 where love relationships cool but friendship blossoms. In partnerships, it benefits us to explore novel experiences together to give us fresh insight and understanding. Venus in Aquarius attracts us to all that is new, alternative, different, unique. The same old, same old, doesn’t appeal any more. The general air of detachment this transit offers gives us all room to breathe and is especially useful if there are been heated conflicts as we’re more able to be objective. In matters of self-esteem, Venus in Aquarius can help us if we’ve been struggling to accept our quirks as rebel Aquarius just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks!

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 22, marking the turn of the season and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This is Yule, the Pagan festival celebrating the return of the light. After this shortest day and longest night, light will begin to increase again until we reach the next equinox. With the Sun now in Capricorn, the traits of this sign are now vividly illuminated. With the Sun at its weakest and yet also being reborn, we are reminded that this is a time of beginnings. It’s like the old motto that a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. As the Sun in the ingress chart will be square Chiron, we’re under no illusions that some life journeys are painful. But the Sun is also tapped into the Jupiter-Uranus trine, boosting our sense of adventure and excitement. It’s like a cosmic version of ‘we shall overcome’ – not least because warrior Mars also perfects a sextile to potent Pluto on this date too, bringing us access to huge reserves of power and energy.

From here we move into eclipse season with the first eclipse occurring on December 26. This is a Solar eclipse which is conjunct Jupiter, trine Uranus and square Chiron, continuing the above story. It suggests that around this time we’re making important decisions about the structures in our lives –career, status, objectives in the world out there. However, as this is a South Node eclipse, we’re also put on notice of what needs to be released to increase stability.

Mercury then closes the year with an ingress into Capricorn on December 29. This transit endows us with common sense and mature thinking. Whilst there may be some reticence in conveying our thoughts, for the most part, Mercury here can help us to get our thoughts together and express ourselves in ways that command respect. And we need to keep our heads together because now we’re really barrelling towards the quintuple conjunction in Capricorn that we will see in January 2020.

02-Dec-19SunsextileJuno00:43:2609°Sg31′ D09°Li31′ D
02-Dec-19MarstrineNorth Node12:38:3108°Sc42′ D08°Cn42′ D
02-Dec-19JupiterentersCapricorn18:20:0900°Cp00′ D00°Cp00′ D
03-Dec-19VenusconjunctSouth Node01:31:0208°Cp43′ D08°Cp43′ D
03-Dec-19SunconjunctPallas02:15:2910°Sg36′ D10°Sg36′ D
03-Dec-19MercurysextilePluto05:22:2421°Sc30′ D21°Cp30′ D
03-Dec-19VenussextileMars15:47:0909°Cp27′ D09°Sc27′ D
04-Dec-19VenussquareJuno06:02:0810°Cp12′ D10°Li12′ D
04-Dec-19First Quarter Moon in Pisces06:58:0611°Pi48′ D11°Sg48′ D
07-Dec-19VenustrineVesta07:37:1313°Cp59′ D13°Ta59′ R
08-Dec-19SunsquareNeptune08:59:5315°Sg57′ D15°Pi57′ D
08-Dec-19CeresconjunctSouth Node11:42:5008°Cp35′ D08°Cp35′ R
08-Dec-19VenussextileNeptune21:48:2015°Cp57′ D15°Pi57′ D
09-Dec-19JupitersquareChiron04:27:2701°Cp26′ D01°Ar26′ R
09-Dec-19MercuryentersSagittarius09:41:2700°Sg00′ D00°Sg00′ D
09-Dec-19MarsoppositeVesta21:06:3413°Sc35′ D13°Ta35′ R
10-Dec-19MercurytrineChiron09:31:5001°Sg26′ D01°Ar26′ R
11-Dec-19VenusconjunctSaturn10:04:4119°Cp04′ D19°Cp04′ D
12-Dec-19Full Moon in Gemini05:12:0919°Ge51′ D19°Sg51′ D
13-Dec-19Chiron stations direct03:47:2201°Ar26′ D
13-Dec-19MarstrineNeptune11:54:2815°Sc59′ D15°Pi59′ D
13-Dec-19VenusconjunctPluto15:16:1321°Cp48′ D21°Cp48′ D
15-Dec-19NeptunesquarePallas18:37:0416°Pi01′ D16°Sg01′ D
15-Dec-19JupitertrineUranus19:01:1102°Cp56′ D02°Ta56′ R
18-Dec-19VestatrineCeres14:35:1112°Ta34′ R12°Cp34′ D
19-Dec-19MercurysextileJuno01:07:1514°Sg20′ D14°Li20′ D
19-Dec-19Last Quarter Moon in Virgo04:56:5826°Vi58′ D26°Sg58′ D
19-Dec-19MarssextileSaturn09:59:5119°Sc56′ D19°Cp56′ D
20-Dec-19MercurysquareNeptune04:19:0416°Sg04′ D16°Pi04′ D
20-Dec-19VenusentersAquarius06:41:2400°Aq00′ D00°Aq00′ D
21-Dec-19VenussextileChiron11:14:0201°Aq27′ D01°Ar27′ D
21-Dec-19MercuryconjunctPallas19:47:4418°Sg35′ D18°Sg35′ D
22-Dec-19Sun enters Capricorn/Winter Solstice04:19:1900°Cp00′ D00°Cp00′ D
22-Dec-19VenussquareUranus13:30:2102°Aq48′ D02°Ta48′ R
22-Dec-19MarssextilePluto14:32:2122°Sc04′ D22°Cp04′ D
23-Dec-19SunsquareChiron15:16:3901°Cp29′ D01°Ar29′ D
24-Dec-19SuntrineUranus21:43:3802°Cp46′ D02°Ta46′ R
26-Dec-19Solar Eclipse in Capricorn05:12:5904°Cp06′ D
27-Dec-19NeptunesextileCeres16:35:0716°Pi11′ D16°Cp11′ D
27-Dec-19SunconjunctJupiter18:25:1905°Cp41′ D05°Cp41′ D
29-Dec-19JunosquareCeres01:56:2316°Li44′ D16°Cp44′ D
29-Dec-19MercuryentersCapricorn04:54:4200°Cp00′ D00°Cp00′ D
29-Dec-19Vesta stations Direct22:41:5512°Ta05′ D
30-Dec-19VenussquareVesta02:40:0612°Aq05′ D12°Ta05′ D
30-Dec-19MercurysquareChiron04:57:3301°Cp34′ D01°Ar34′ D
30-Dec-19SunconjunctSouth Node09:52:4908°Cp23′ D08°Cp23′ D
30-Dec-19MercurytrineUranus22:21:4102°Cp42′ D02°Ta42′ R