Jupiter in Capricorn 2019 – 2020

Jupiter enters Capricorn at 18:20 (UT) on December 2, 2019.

Excerpt from PatreonSo, how does Jupiter in Capricorn work? Firstly, we’re likely to notice a slowdown in our developments and big projects. Now Jupiter enters Capricorn, it’s not about faith but hard work. The trouble is that expansive Jupiter is limited by Capricorn’s natural boundaries. Capricorn’s action is to contract. This is the sign of Jupiter’s fall, meaning that he finds it difficult to be himself here. Still, after all those grand visions of Sagittarius, maybe having to define the most workable ideas and crystallise our vision is exactly what is needed now. We need to create meaningful structures in our lives to give us a strong framework to support our advancement.

Luck isn’t going to fall into our hands during this transit but before we grumble, we can remind ourselves of how rewarding it is to see the benefits of all our own work…This is a time of huge milestones if we apply ourselves. Great success is possible. What we need to watch for however, is trying to climb every mountain – too many projects, too ambitious, working too hard.

Jupiter in Capricorn Major Aspects

02-Dec-19 Jupiter enters Capricorn
09-Dec-19 Jupiter square Chiron
15-Dec-19 Jupiter trine Uranus
08-Jan-20 Jupiter conjunct South Node
20-Feb-20 Jupiter sextile Neptune
05-Apr-20 Jupiter conjunct Pluto
14-May-20 Jupiter stations retrograde
30-Jun-20 Jupiter conjunct Pluto
27-Jul-20 Jupiter sextile Neptune
13-Sep-20 Jupiter stations direct
12-Oct-20 Jupiter sextile Neptune
12-Nov-20 Jupiter conjunct Pluto
19-Dec-20 Jupiter enters Aquarius


Here are the areas of life Jupiter in Capricorn will affect for each sign (read for your Rising Sign/Ascendant if you know it or Sun sign if you don’t)

Aries – 10th house
Career and public status

Taurus – 9th house
Travel, academic education, publishing, higher understanding

Gemini – 8th house
Intimacy, trust, power dynamics, shared resources

Cancer – 7th house
Relationships with others (both business and personal)

Leo – 6th house
Health, daily life and routines

Virgo – 5th house
Romance, hobbies, children, creativity

Libra – 4th house
Home, family, foundation of self

Scorpio – 3rd house
Mind, communication, schooling, siblings, neighbours

Sagittarius – 2nd house
Money and personal resources. Self esteem and values

Capricorn – 1st house
Appearance, overall wellbeing, approach to life, the self.

Aquarius – 12th house
Spirituality and the unconscious

Pisces – 11th house
Friend, networks, politics, hopes and dreams

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