Weekly Astrology Forecast December 9 – 15, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – Jupiter trines Uranus December 15… When these two future forward planets get together in aspect, we’re looking at sudden growth, rapid expansion, a big awakening, massive revolution, positive innovation, a huge experiment. However, I think it is also important to note that trines can be unwieldy as there’s nothing to impede the flow of energy between the planets concerned. As both Jupiter and Uranus are in earth signs, we may possibly see disturbances in our institutions and structures – anything from earthquakes to government instability. It’s possible that cracks in our foundations appear around this time but if so, it’s because our foundations were weak, and they need an upgrade. Be alert for signs of change and new opportunities, especially in relation to resources, money, work and career. With this aspect in action, radical new perspectives are emerging.

This Week’s Major Aspects

09-Dec-19 Jupiter square Chiron, Mercury enters Sagittarius
Reframe the past to heal old wounds. Open your mind to learning.
Read inspirational material to shift your mindset and increase self-belief

10-Dec-19 Mercury trine Chiron
Words are medicine. Hands on healing. Mentoring

11-Dec-19 Venus conjunct Saturn
A mature attitude towards love and money creates a solid union or financial base.

12-Dec-19 Full Moon in Gemini  (square Neptune)
Muddled thinking. Sift through information. Keep a dialogue going
Let your intuition inform your decisions.

13-Dec-19 Chiron stations direct, Mars trine Neptune, Venus conjunct Pluto
Integration achieved. Awareness of suffering yet a push to advance.
Use what you have learned in the last five months to proceed.
Acts of kindness, Creative flow. Passionate about spirituality.
Dance yourself alive. Depth in relationships

15-Dec-19 Jupiter trine Uranus
Big awakening. Sudden growth. Great revolution. Joy and freedom.

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