Weekly Astrology Forecast – December 23 – 29, 2019

Excerpt from PatreonDecember 27 is a ‘joy to the world’ moment as the Sun and Jupiter meet. Even with all this heavy Capricorn energy, even with the serious weight of the world upon us, there is always time for laughter, happiness and optimism. Generally, because both the Sun and Jupiter are in Capricorn, the optimism we have now is more pragmatic and that’s a good thing. We need realistic plans and ideas to work on. Slow development gives rise to greater security. Give yourself time to take advantage of the opportunities around you – or to create them. Neptune is also sextile Ceres on this date bringing in a soft, nurturing, caring vibration. It’s like a cosmic hug, a tender touch from a spirit guide, an angelic hand on your shoulder.

23-Dec-19 Sun square Chiron
The more we focus on how things ‘should be’ the harder it is to accept what is.
Relax the rules. Hold space for painful nostalgia. You don’t have to be strong all the time

24-Dec-19 Sun trine Uranus
Glittery surprises are in the air. Change up traditions. Expect the unexpected

25-Dec-19 No major aspects. Merry Christmas!

26-Dec-19 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
An important new start sets a foundation stone in place for the future.
Consider carefully your next step.

27-Dec-19 Sun conjunct Jupiter.
Joy to the world! High hopes and aspirations.
Life is expanding. Look for opportunities for growth

28-Dec-19 No major aspects

29-Dec-19 Mercury enters Capricorn
Serious thinking. A methodical approach works best.
Give yourself time to make important decisions. Guard against pessimism

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Painting – ‘The Christmas Tree’ by John Henry Twachtman