Weekly Astrology Forecast January 6 – 12, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonAnd so, we arrive at January 12, the date of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. But it’s not just Saturn and Pluto that are conjoined here – we have Mercury and Ceres here too and the Sun is just one degree away. It’s a quintuple conjunction, five bodies all conjoined, energies merging and blending and all bowing to the power of Saturn and Pluto. We’re having serious conversations (Mercury and Saturn) about the state of the planet (Ceres). We’re talking about food, crops, agriculture, sustainability. Ceres can also signal depression, famine, the absence of growth, grieving and yet combined with the rest of the pattern it’s like we can’t give in to defeat. Saturn conjunct Pluto is no more BS, the sh*t just got real, now’s the time to step up and be counted. It’s time to play our part and use these momentous energies as a catalyst for change. Yes, the Powers That Be might have their own agenda, but we also hold enormous power in our hands.

In our own lives, it’s time to face our fears, own our shadow, be accountable. We need to feed our minds with healthy information and good thoughts. We need to steel our resolve, set intentions, commit to the path ahead. We feel more empowered when we set good boundaries. We feel empowered when we treat ourselves with respect. There are big changes coming and this is just the beginning.  

Buckle up but don’t get sucked into doom and gloom scenarios. Yes, the outlook may seem wintry, stark, cruel, harsh – but the seasons keep turning. It’s important that we keep spring in our hearts, even if the outer world seems soulless and bare.

This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Jan-20 No major aspects

07-Jan-20 Sun sextile Neptune
You are more than body, greater than mind.
Transcend troubles. Be the peace you want to see.

08-Jan-20 Mercury sextile Neptune. Jupiter conjunct South Node
Engage your imagination. Speak with compassion
Release old philosophies and beliefs that no longer serve.
Give thanks for past favours.

09-Jan-20 No major aspects

10-Jan-20 Sun conjunct Mercury. Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
Mind illuminated. Identification with ideas.
An emotional high tide as what was in shadow is revealed.

11-Jan-20 Uranus stations direct
Unpredictability.  Forward momentum towards freedom
An urge to rebel.

12-Jan-20 Mercury conjunct Ceres, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn conjunct Pluto
Serious thoughts. Important conversations. Powerful truths. The Earth Mother speaks.
Time for Change. A turning point in history.

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