Weekly Astrology Forecast January 13 – 19, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonAs the Sun conjoins Pluto, our shadow is illuminated. Once again, we’re told, we need to step into our power. We need to dig deep and look at what is going on unconsciously. It’s important that we are aware of where ego is getting in the way of our truth. The union between the Sun and Saturn spotlights that this is a time to accept responsibilities, let go of denial, use the wisdom of our experience. We need to release our burdens (Saturn) and our shame (Pluto). This is a time of profound realisation about ourselves and our mission and purpose here on planet Earth. It’s important that we acknowledge that time is limited. We can’t keep putting off what needs to be done. Seize the day every day. Finally, with the Sun also joining Ceres, we’re shown that there is a season for everything and perhaps too, we get a hint of the ‘summer’ to come if we can accept where we are right now.

The Week’s Major Aspects

13-Jan-20 The Sun, Saturn and Pluto conjunct Ceres, The Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Venus enters Pisces
Power comes from being yourself. Own your light and your shadow. Give yourself permission to live authentically. Life is seasonal. Everything changes. Practice unconditional love. Love is the thread that unites us. Love is what brings peace.

14-Jan-20 No major aspects

15-Jan-20 Venus sextile Uranus
The emphasis is on meaningful experiences over material comforts. Set your heart free. Enjoy something new.

16-Jan-20 Mercury enters Aquarius
The hive mind is buzzing with ideas. Brainstorm. Think outside of the box. Talk to friends to gain new perspectives.

17-Jan-20 Last Quarter Moon in Libra. Mercury sextile Chiron
Find your balance. Look for acceptable compromises. Delegate. Distribute tasks fairly. Build bridges with communication.

18-Jan-20 Mercury square Uranus
Communication upsets. Anxiety. Feeling wired.
Stop worrying about the future and come back to the now. Ground yourself.

18-Jan-20 Pallas enters Capricorn
Problem solving requires attention to basic structures and a practical, orderly approach.
How you frame things is key.

19-Jan-20 No major aspects

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