Weekly Astrology Forecast January 20 – 26, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun also squares Uranus on January 23, which can produce irritation and anxiety. There’s a strong need for freedom and individual self-expression and anything that tries to force our hand is likely to be met with a friendly FU. This aspect can be bratty at worst and brilliant at best. Give yourself some space to just BE so that you can tune into this high frequency energy in a constructive way. Allow for some spontaneity and sudden changes of plans. Uranus brings awakenings and helps us to break free from old ways of being that no longer work for us. Being ourselves is a radical act.

This Week’s Major Aspects

20-Jan-20 Sun enters Aquarius, Venus trine North Node
Celebrate difference. Embrace all that is unique about you. Reinvent yourself.
Unconditional love brings you into alignment with your destiny.

21-Jan-20 No major aspects

22-Jan-20 Sun sextile Chiron
Address issues of health and wellbeing. Remember your connection to the natural world. You are whole, despite your wounds and scars.

23-Jan-20 Sun square Uranus, Venus sextile Jupiter
Rebellious urges. Breakthrough or breakdown. Gratitude is the antidote to anxiety.

24-Jan-20 New Moon in Aquarius
A new start that involves taking an alternative path. New technology. Modernisation. Upgrades.

25-Jan-20 Mercury sextile Mars
Animated conversation that cuts through the fluff. Motivation to learn. Use your head. The mind is a tool

26-Jan-20 Pluto square Eris
Discord exposed. Refusal to accept unfair power dynamics. Uncomfortable truths

Painting – ‘Improvisation 11’ by Wassily Kandinsky

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