New Moon in Aquarius January 2020 – Awakening

The New Moon occurs at 21:41 (UT) on January 24, 2020 at 04°Aq21′.

The Moon and Sun meet in Aquarius, a sign connected with progress, modernisation, technology, innovation, upgrades and change. As it takes place in the global 11th house of the chart, we are advised that there will be new starts taking place within our friends and networks, political arenas and within society as a whole. This is an important New Moon because it seems like it’s giving us a preview of what’s to come. Mercury will soon go through a retrograde where part of that retrograde will take place in Aquarius. Saturn will enter Aquarius in March until July. Then, at the end of the year, both Jupiter and Saturn will enter Aquarius, meeting on the Winter Solstice, December 21, an auspicious date that represents the return of the light after a period of darkness.

Right now, we’re still heaving under Capricorn energy, but this New Moon encourages us to think of The Shape of Things to Come – capitalised to reference the sci-fi book by HG Wells which speculated on events in the year 2106. Just think, a child born today could live to ring in that year. What will the world be like then? What we do now is going to ripple out into the future.

The New Moon is square to ruler Uranus. It feels like a loud alarm, a wake-up call when the bed is so comfy, we want to roll over and go back to sleep. But the alarm is ringing and ringing and it’s across the other side of the room so out of bed we must climb. This is a new dawn and a new day, and we must be ready. Perhaps all the work we are doing now whilst Saturn (the old ruler of Aquarius) is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, is preparation for what is to come. The old order must be deconstructed to make way for something different.

Uranus is forcing us to make changes in our lives to ensure our security for the future. Sometimes Uranus brings curve balls, shocks or surprises. We need to be on our toes, open, objective, flexible and prepared for the unexpected. Life can be unpredictable and in those times it’s our core values that can ground us and bring us back to centre. Focus on what really matters. We may be experiencing background anxiety, a desire to be free, a gnawing sense that a shift of perspective is necessary. Maybe we’re making new allegiances in our social groups, becoming more political, joining humanitarian programmes or simply getting with the programme! Aquarius is also a sign that prizes uniqueness and individuality. This is the time to own our weird and stop worrying about what everyone else will think. Let your inner genius out.

The New Moon is also sextile to wounded healer, shaman, teacher and mentor Chiron. Chiron’s orbit takes him between Saturn and Uranus, making him a bridge between the old world and the new world. As half man-half horse, Chiron also has a lot to teach us about how the animal kingdom and the human world can live together in harmony. Perhaps too, Chiron might help us find ways to retain our humanity as we fast forward into a future focused on technological advancement and robotics. Chiron is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith so we’re also healing what has been haunting us, healing our relationship to the Divine Feminine and reclaiming what was once demonised.

In our personal lives, these aspects tell us that change is coming – whether we like it or not and it’s better that we are prepared. Do the healing work required, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Educate yourself so that you understand how you can better contribute to humanity.  Clear some space for personal self-expression. Be a friend to yourself and others.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is :-

A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader

It’s clear that we need to work together, the old and the young, different generations uniting for the common good. There is so much wisdom born from experience that our elders have to give – both those who are still here on the planet and those in spirit. Yet at the same time, we must make room for new ideas, new growth, experimentation, brainstorming, alternatives. Sometimes the older generation must stand back and allow the young to stand (or fall!) on their own terms. Whatever way we look at it, the astrology is clear that the times they are a-changing and we need to be ready to roll with them.

Painting – ‘A Youth Crowned with Flowers’ by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio