Weekly Astrology Forecast January 27 – February 2, 2020

Except from PatreonMars square Neptune on January 28 can be a problematic aspect because it tends to introduce feelings of helplessness where normally we would stand up and fight or assert ourselves (Mars). Mars square Neptune can be apathy. It’s a ‘what’s the point?’ aspect that leaves us questioning whether we should bother chasing our dreams or wondering whether we’ve been deluding ourselves. ‘I can’t win’ is often the exasperated comment that arises during this aspect. The more we go after what we want, the further away we seem to get. It’s like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

It’s important then that we don’t get caught up in defeatist thinking or escapism. Instead, it’s better that we use these aspects for creativity, acts of kindness and acting on our intuition. Maybe all that’s needed is a rest. If we listen carefully, the heart has a clear agenda and all we need to do is go with the flow. Don’t lose faith.

This Week’s Major Aspects

27-Jan-20 Venus square Mars. Venus conjunct Neptune
Goals and values may be out of alignment. Reconnect with your heart. Focus on what is meaningful. Practice unconditional love and compassion. Work on creative projects

28-Jan-20 Mars square Neptune
Feeling defeated or helpless. Illusive goals. Low energy.
Rest. Make an act of kindness for another.  Don’t give up!

29-Jan-20 No major aspects

30-Jan-20 No major aspects

31-Jan-20 Ceres enters Aquarius
Nurture your friendships. Reach out to kindred spirits if you feel disconnected or depressed.
Start a community garden. Donate to a food bank.

01-Feb-20 No major aspects

02-Feb-20 First Quarter Moon in Taurus. Venus sextile Pluto
Stay grounded. Don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing. An opportunity to achieve greater intimacy in love relationships. Honesty attracts harmony. Financial acumen.
Imbolc blessings to those celebrating.