Weekly Astrology Forecast February 3 – 9, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonMercury enters Pisces on February 3 where our cosmic messenger will have an extended stay due to the upcoming retrograde period. Mercury is in both its detriment and fall in this sign so traditionally finds it more difficult to function here. The trick is to allow our intuition to inform our decisions. Mercury itself is a logical, fact-finding, information gathering planet but in Pisces, it all feels like an unknown quantity. What is fact or fiction, truth or lies? We have to feel our way through, trusting our intuition to lead us in the right direction. Positively, this can be a wonderful time for tender conversation as we are more empathic and supportive in our communication. Creativity gets a boost as words flow and we are more attuned to the voice of our imagination. If you’re confused, wait for further information, rest, sleep, meditate. What you need to know will come when the time is right.

This Week’s Major Aspects

03-Feb-20 Mercury enters Pisces, Venus sextile Saturn
The mind is touched by the collective unconscious. Disorientation. Feel your way through. Let your dreams guide you. Drop into your heart for an anchor. Invest wisely

04-Feb-20 No major aspects

05-Feb-20 Mercury sextile Uranus
Brilliant ideas come out of nowhere. Genius solutions to problems. Surprising information.
Keep your mind open

06-Feb-20 No major aspects

07-Feb-20 Venus enters Aries
Self-love. A love of independence. The courage to follow your heart. The thrill of the chase.

08-Feb-20 Juno stations retrograde
Relationships require an overhaul to reset the balance. Ensure everyone has a fair deal.

09-Feb-20 Mercury trine North Node. Full Moon in Leo
Answers form in sleep, meditation and silence. Creative expression blossoms. Motivation to shine. Life isn’t a rehearsal.

Painting – ‘Anchor and Boats, Rye’ by Eric Ravilious