Weekly Astrology Forecast February 10 – 16, 2020

dead-poet-borne-by-centaurExcerpt from Patreon Venus joins Chiron on February 10 bringing the love goddess together with the wounded healer. It indicates that some heart healing is on the agenda. It is often through our relationships that we find our weak spots and frailties. Our buttons are pressed if we have fears around our self-worth. Fear of rejection is also common with this combination yet if we are willing to brave exploring these feelings, we can make great strides in our ability to relate. Aside from relationships, this is the perfect time to work on self-love, particularly learning to love those parts of ourselves that we define as ‘ugly’ or ‘unacceptable’. Also, if we’re sick, either just with a cold or a more chronic condition, this aspect can help us to learn to love the parts of ourselves that seem broken.

The Week’s Major Aspects

10-Feb-20 Venus conjunct Chiron
Heartache. Be brave, activate the healing process.
Pour love into old wounds.

11-Feb-20 No major aspects

12-Feb-20 No major aspects

13-Feb-20 No major aspects

14-Feb-20 Venus square the Nodes
Karmic relationships. Time to stop living in the past and move forwards

15-Feb-20 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
A clash between friendship and intimacy. Trust issues. Detach from the outcome to conquer fear

16-Feb-20 Mars enters Capricorn
Accomplishment. Strength and self-discipline prime the path to achievement.

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