Weekly Astrology Forecast March 9 – 15, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – March 11 sees a lovely sextile between the Sun and Jupiter. It’s a merry aspect, one that encourages us to discover more about the world and ourselves. Sometimes we need to stretch ourselves to see what we are really made of. With the Sun in imaginative Pisces and Jupiter in practical Capricorn, this is an ideal aspect to practice visualising ourselves in different scenarios to increase confidence and sense of purpose. For some, this could manifest as a lucky break but often these magical moments come from self-belief. Have faith that life is abundant.


This Week’s Major Aspects

09-Mar-20 Full Moon in Virgo, Venus sextile North Node
Focus on small steps, especially if overwhelmed. Concentrate on practicalities. Take care of your health. Listen to your heart for guidance.

10-Mar-20 Mercury stations direct
Delays and glitches over the last three weeks begin to straighten out.
Wait a couple of days before making a major decision to ensure the air is clear.

11-Mar-20 Sun sextile Jupiter
Lucky breaks come from faith in yourself. Trust that life is abundant. Stretch yourself.

12-Mar-20 No major aspects

13-Mar-20 No major aspects

14-Mar-20 Chiron square North Node, Mars sextile Neptune, Sun sextile Pluto
Attend to old wounds that affect motivation. Work on what is meaningful to you.
Fill your life with purpose. Make an act of kindness.

15-Mar-20 No major aspects

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