Weekly Astrology Forecast – March 16 – 22, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – March 20 sees the turn of the season as the ingress of the Sun into Aries marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. As we are now at the beginning of the zodiac, the impetus is to form new goals, get active, go after what we want. This is also International Astrology Day so time to celebrate all things astrological! However, this date is extra hot because Mars, ruler of Aries will form a conjunction to giant Jupiter, bringing the atmosphere to boiling point. Stronger still is that this conjunction will take place on the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I think we can anticipate that this week may see some heated scenes as frustrations boil over. Tempers could be short, but we must be patient otherwise over-reactions are possible. Positively, this combination of aspects could give us a boost of courage and confidence and a willingness to initiate plans to improve circumstances and lead by example. Saturn’s trine to Vesta reminds us once again to focus on what is necessary.

This Week’s Major Aspects

16-Mar-20 Mercury enters Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Subtle signals. Receptivity to collective thoughts. Restlessness. A desire to escape.
Time to think about faith, belief and what is meaningful.

17-Mar-20 No major aspects

18-Mar-20 No major aspects

19-Mar-20 Uranus sextile North Node, Sun sextile Saturn
An awakening leads to evolution. Maturity and common-sense ease uncertainty.
Practical planning. Manifestation magic.

20-Mar-20 Sun enters Aries, Mars conjunct Jupiter
A new astrological year begins. The season turns. Happy International Astrology Day!
Possible flashpoints, heat, anger, over-reaction, inflammatory atmosphere.
Show confidence. Lead by example. Strength in numbers.

21-Mar-20 No major aspects

22-Mar-20 Mercury trine North Node and sextile Uranus, Saturn enters Aquarius
Open the mind to new avenues of information and exploration.
Restrictions to freedom. Strange reality. The unconventional goes mainstream.
A new normal is emerging.

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