Weekly Astrology Forecast, March 30 – April 5, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – Venus moves out of bounds on April 2 meaning she moves beyond the path of the Sun and therefore no longer follows the normal rules of play. As Venus rules relationships, both sexual and platonic, this could work in our favour as it encourages us to experiment with new ways of relating. What we are attracted to may change or maybe we find ourselves welcoming what turned us off in the past. Creativity too can be boosted by this placement as we stop colouring in between the lines and start to create without restriction or restraint. Just make sure you have some paper to go with magic markers otherwise that blank wall might look a little too inviting 😀 Venus will stay out of bounds until June 1, 2020

This Week’s Major Aspects

30-Mar-20 Mars enters Aquarius
Fight for humanity. Fight for freedom. Pour energy into modernising and upgrading.

31-Mar-20 Mars conjunct Saturn
Frustration, Slow progress. Discipline and will. Strength and maturity. Patience.

01-Apr-20 First Quarter Moon in Cancer
Family support versus individual desires. Stay and fight or run and hide.
Know when to act and when to bide your time.

02-Apr-20 No major aspects

03-Apr-20 Venus enters Gemini
Turned on by talking. Attracted to education. Love is a lesson.
Curiosity leads to treasure.

04-Apr-20 Mercury conjunct Neptune. Venus trine Saturn
Imagination. Tuned in to the invisible world. Gentle conversation. Maturity in relationships.
Long term money management.

05-Apr-20 Jupiter conjunct Pluto
Big crisis. Massive issues around control/controlling the masses. Innumerable wealth.
Great opportunity for change. The power of faith.

Painting – ‘Illustration to Dante’s Divine Comedy’ by William Blake