Weekly Astrology Forecast April 6 – 12, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – Mars comes along with a noisy din on April 7, squaring Uranus. This is an erratic and unpredictable aspect that could ignite some feisty rebelliousness against rules and regulations – difficult of course in our current circumstances. Many of us are beginning to feel the burn with restrictions to our freedom, so we need to be conscious of how we channel our frustrations. Mars square Uranus feels brittle – we’re inclined to snap, act out, stamp our feet in true teenage style. Whilst everyone is allowed the odd meltdown, especially when times are tough, we need to ensure that we’re not hurting ourselves in the process.  Positively, we could take some inspired action if we accept the new situation. Uranus offers a higher perspective so it’s about embracing it rather than fighting it.

This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Apr-20 No Major Aspects

07-Apr-20 Mars square Uranus, Mercury sextile Pluto
Teenage tantrums. Rebellious actions. Awakening desire. Deep thought gets to the root of rage.

08-Apr-20 Mercury sextile Jupiter, Full Moon in Libra, Mars sextile Chiron
Big ideas, an opportunity to learn. Compromise is needed to reduce tension and regain balance. Healing the wounded masculine. Put energy into helping others.

09-Apr-20 No major aspects

10-Apr-20 No major aspects

11-Apr-20 Venus sextile Chiron, Mercury enters Aries
Heart healing. Relationship problems alleviated. Assertive dialogue. Thinking of a new start.

12-Apr-20 Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury square North Node
Serious conversations encourage evolution. Break mental loops.
Leave old outworn ways of thinking behind.