Weekly Astrology Forecast April 13 – 19, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – …Also, to our benefit is the Sun’s entry into slow and deliberate Taurus, on April 19. After the frantic pace of Aries, this is a welcome movement that gives us time to gather our thoughts and enjoy what we have in the present. Security is the watch word of Taurus so we may feel more focused on practical issues of survival now – ensuring bills are paid and food is on the table. But in this uncomplicated sign, we can enjoy simple pleasures and the current craze for baking might become even more prominent! Where we may have been fighting our circumstances or frustrated with the previous transit through Aries, now we are much more content to wait it out. Taurus has endless patience. We just have to watch any tendency towards resistance to change as this sign can be a stick in the mud when it comes to trying new things. Plant seeds, enjoy nature (online if you don’t have access to the outside world), treat yourself, delight in the senses, make love, make art. Let yourself have the odd lazy day. Right now, we can all do with the comfort and ease that Taurus brings. Relax.

This Week’s Major Aspects

13-Apr-20 No major aspects

14-Apr-20 Sun square Pluto. Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Feeling cornered. Control what you can and leave the rest. Be patient, we are playing the long game.

15-Apr-20 Mercury conjunct Chiron, Sun square Jupiter
Words can harm or heal. Judgement is off. Be mindful. Don’t lose sight of the big picture

16-Apr-20 Grand trine – Venus-Vesta, Mars, Juno
Focus on love. Offer encouragement to loved ones. Show your commitment.

17-Apr-20 No major aspects

18-Apr-20 Mercury sextile Venus
Pleasant communications. Phone a friend. Read a favourite book.

19-Apr-20 Mercury sextile Mars, Sun enters Taurus
Offer encouragement. Think in ‘can do’ terms. The mind is a tool.
Slow down. Take pleasure in the simple things. A methodical approach works best.