Weekly Astrology Forecast April 20 – 26, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonOn April 21, the Sun moves into a heavy square to Saturn. Saturn too is Lord of Karma but here he can feel hard, harsh, like a disapproving look of a disappointed father. And yet much of this is what is coming up from inside of us – the fear of disapproval, the expectation that we will be denied what we want, the sheer toughness of our experience right now. We could feel like everything is weighing upon us – the state of the world, responsibilities, work (or that lack of it), feeling unaccomplished, not good enough. The Sun square to Saturn runs us into a wall within ourselves and pushes us to look at our limitations both real and perceived. Resistance to change too may also be an issue, especially as the Sun is in stubborn Taurus – but Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that life indeed continues to progress, even if we dig our heels in the mud. The best way we can approach this aspect is to accept our responsibilities with grace, be grateful for the time we have, look for the lesson in our experience and remember that this too shall pass. 

This Week’s Major Aspects

20-Apr-20 Sun sextile North Node
Watch for signs from the cosmos illuminating the way ahead

21-Apr-20 Sun square Saturn
Life feels hard. Feeling low or not good enough, restricted or denied.
Carry responsibility with grace. Set healthy boundaries. Remember this too shall pass.

22-Apr-20 No major aspects

23-Apr-20 New Moon in Taurus
This lunation is conjunct Uranus and square Saturn
Torn between the old and the new. For organic growth to occur, we need to make different choices to those made in the past.

24-Apr-20 No major aspects

25-Apr-20 Mercury square Pluto, Pluto stations retrograde
Mental intensity. A tendency towards obsessing and suspicion. Time to go within to face fears. The mind is powerful. Use it to your advantage.

26-Apr-20 Mercury square Jupiter. Sun conjunct Uranus
To many ideas can be just as difficult as not enough. Choose carefully who or what you say yes to. A personal breakthrough is possible. Surprise enlightenment. The dawn of a new you.

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Painting – ‘Cloudy’ by Veniamin Kremer