Weekly Astrology Forecast April 27 – May 3, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonIt’s still Mercury’s story on April 28 as he moves into a square with Saturn. It’s a mental block, a problem we can’t solve, a big fat ‘no’ when we were hoping for a ‘yes’. Sometimes this aspect can manifest as getting stuck in negative thinking, especially as Mercury is now in muddy Taurus. It’s possible that we’re also resisting thinking about changes that we need to make. Yet at the same time, Mercury sextiles Ceres encourages us to find ways to thrive in less than ideal circumstances. We need to acknowledge what is blooming instead of focusing on what hasn’t reached fruition. Pay attention to the language you use. Reframe your thoughts to steer yourself away from negativity. If something is hard to learn or read, give yourself the time you need to absorb the information – Mercury in Taurus can be lazy and not inclined to do the work. Don’t let your inner critic tell you that you are stupid if you don’t know what you think you should know. It’s not ‘too hard’. Instead, thank your mind for acknowledging a gap in education and ask an expert for advice.

This Week’s Major Aspects

27-Apr-20 Mercury enters Taurus, Mercury sextile North Node
Mental calm. Thinking about practical matters, survival skills and basic supplies.
Mind and body united. An important conversation may hold the key to evolution.

28-Apr-20 Mercury square Saturn
Mental blocks. Negative trains of thought. I don’t know. Procrastination.
Reframe what you are thinking. Ask an expert. Delay the decision.

29-Apr-20 No major aspects

30-Apr-20 First Quarter Moon in Leo
All work and no play annoys the inner child. A need to take a risk to get life moving again.
Creativity blooms through agitation.

01-May-20 Mercury conjunct Uranus
Spontaneous decisions. Sudden ideas. Mind opening. Human consciousness meets universal consciousnesses

02-May-20 No major aspects

03-May-20 No major aspects

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