May 2020 Astrology Forecast

Our global evolutionary lesson changes on May 5 as the North Node enters Gemini and the South Node enters Sagittarius. When I look back at how the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn worked, I am struck by the symbolism. Back then, it spoke of how we must move away from limitations in our structures and patriarchy towards a more matriarchal way of being revolving around home, family and children. And it was the ‘little child’ that lead with Greta Thunberg leading the school strikes to raise awareness of the climate crisis and demand changes in the system. Now as I write this in April 2020, as the North Node in Cancer’s journey is coming to its end, we have been forced back into our homes (remember Saturn ruling the South Node conjunct Pluto!) from where we are watching the system being re-shaped in a way we could never have foreseen yet somehow knew must come.

So now, the South Node in international Sagittarius tells us that perhaps the world is going to feel a little smaller over the next 18 months. It seems that with the virus rampaging across the planet, we are less likely to travel and indeed many international borders are already closed and flights downed. Gemini is connected to the global 3rd house in the natural chart, a place where we meet our neighbours as well as siblings. It’s where we make small journeys across town and deal with the paperwork. It feels as though we are being pointed towards our own backyard, to connect and learn from those closest to us. Sagittarius also speaks of academic knowledge, theory rather than practice, beliefs and faith – all this too is changing as the North Node points us towards discussion, school, facts and figures. It makes me wonder whether there will be a very strong push to get the right information as ‘fake news’ has caused so a lot of distrust. Some beliefs aren’t serving us, especially if they aren’t based on facts. We need to have real conversions, new dialogues, find way to connect the dots.  Perhaps more important than anything, we need to learn to listen.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7 could be intense, but this lunation is well supported by a trine to soft and sensitive Neptune. Our psychic radar may well be amplified during this time as Scorpio is clever at sniffing out the truth and Neptune sees that which is unseen. Still, it’s important that we stay grounded as the Sun in Taurus instructs.

Saturn begins its yearly retrograde journey, stationing on May 11. During this time, it is less about building and accomplishment and more about finishing what we started and letting go of what hasn’t worked. It’s time to reassess our responsibilities. This could be a challenging date as Mercury will square Mars right before our cosmic messenger enters home sign Gemini. It’s possible that with Saturn stationing, we are feeling a weight on our shoulders and therefore we’re more prone to snap if someone says something we don’t like. Whilst the mind is sharp with this aspect, words can be weapons. Take a breath before you respond if you feel a flare of anger.

Mars then trines the North Node on May 12, activating the new karmic journey of the North Node in Gemini. We would be wise to watch happens around this time both globally and personally as events now may give us a clue as to the main themes we need to deal with during the North Node in Gemini transit. Mars then drops into Pisces on May 13, a sign which can be a challenge for our cosmic warrior; yet it can also be a time of downing arms, retreat and rest. If motivation is a challenge, we need to look to what is meaningful in our lives to re-ignite our passion or to reconnect with our spiritual path. Mars in Pisces can also be a wonderful placement for artistic pursuits as it stimulates our imagination. Empathy too is also stirred by Mars and we may feel drawn to help others through charitable endeavours

The big story of the month is Venus stationing retrograde, also in Gemini on May 13. It’s notable how much Gemini energy is around this month and clearly, we need to review the way we talk to one another and think about one another. How we communicate is the topic under discussion. For love to blossom, we need to have a cerebral connection too. Venus in dualistic Gemini could also illustrate the idea of being in two minds about a relationship or undecided about where to invest time and energy. When Venus goes retrograde, we’re prompted to look at our values and consider whether we are living our lives in alignment with them. It’s also important to note that Venus is not only retrograde but also out of bounds so this may throw up a few wild cards, random connections, old flames. Relationships are working in curious ways and perhaps we too need to keep an open mind as we move through this process.

Issues connected with money may also come up during this time so it would be wise to put a little aside for a rainy day or anticipate a slowdown. Sometimes there are delays with payments or little movement when it comes to getting work or selling a home. Given the global situation at this time, it is likely that economic factors are going to be in play for some time for many of us so we could use this retrograde period to go over our accounts and get clear about where our money is going. If you are interested in knowing more about the upcoming Venus retrograde, I have a post over on my Patreon. Click here to join and read .

The Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius occurs on May 14, bringing up issues of freedom (Aquarius) and security (Sun in Taurus). This is also the date that Jupiter stations retrograde, so there is a restless edge. Developments in the outer world slow down or stop so that we have time to assess where we are going and to ensure we are ready for whatever it is we are moving towards. Jupiter’s retrograde each year gives us time to attend to inner growth. Sometimes this can be frustrating but without this time to check-in, we could possibly be in danger of continuing to move in the wrong direction. I tend to think of missed opportunities around this time as lucky escapes.

On May 16, Mercury will move out of bounds until June 9 so now we have two personal planets not following the rules, so to speak. Perhaps it’s time to think outside of the box, embrace weird ideas, think beyond the confines of convention. There’s a certain Uranian feel to out of bounds planets. The Sun then enters Mercury ruled Gemini on May 20 putting themes of education and communication in the spotlight. If we’ve been feeling stuck, this movement should at least give us room to breathe, even if certain aspects of our lives are still moving slowly due to retrograde action.

May 22 sees the New Moon in Gemini so we are still on the same theme. We now have 6 points in Gemini with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Vesta and the North Node. There’s a whole lot of conversation happening here – some constructive with the New Moon trine Saturn, some confrontational with Mars squaring this lunation. The point though is that with the New Moon trine to Juno in Libra, we need to give everyone a fair hearing before we make up our own minds.

A Mars-Uranus sextile on May 25 encourages us to take some kind of different action or humanitarian action – especially with Mars in compassionate Pisces. There is an opportunity to push towards progress, attempt new methods, try new technologies or consider alternative perspectives. Mars sextile Uranus gives us the courage to deal with the unpredictable nature of life.

Mercury enters Cancer on May 28, turning conversations to matters of home and family. In this water sign, it’s easier now to express what we feel but perhaps harder to untangle our emotions from rational thinking. When Mercury is in Cancer, if we feel hurt or we can sulk instead of communicating. Still, positively, Mercury in Cancer can be wonderful for story telling that moves others emotionally as well as writing a memoir or piecing together the past. Cancer has an excellent memory.

The month ends with the First Quarter Moon in Virgo squaring the Sun in Gemini on May 30. This is the first test after the previous New Moon, one that encourages us to use our skills and to be of service.  Given Virgo’s penchant for details though and Gemini’s love of information, there’s a danger of analysis paralysis as we try to sort one fact from another. Root out perfectionism to relieve tension and anxiety. Every option has a downside, every pro has a con. Sometimes we just need to decide and move forwards.

May 2020 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects
All times in British Summer Time

01-May-20MercuryconjunctUranus04:40:3506°Ta52′ D06°Ta52′ D
02-May-20ChironoppositeJuno20:15:2707°Ar29′ D07°Li29′ R
04-May-20VenussquareNeptune04:52:2020°Ge18′ D20°Pi18′ D
04-May-20SunconjunctMercury22:41:2114°Ta52′ D14°Ta52′ D
05-May-20North NodeentersGemini06:48:1600°Cn00′ R00°Cn00′ D
05-May-20South NodeentersSagittarius06:48:1600°Cp00′ R00°Cp00′ D
07-May-20Full Moon in Scorpio 11:45:0517°Sc20′ D17°Ta20′ D
07-May-20MercurysextileNeptune11:41:4320°Ta22′ D20°Pi22′ D
09-May-20MercurytrinePluto14:17:0824°Ta56′ D24°Cp56′ R
10-May-20MercurytrineJupiter15:35:4327°Ta12′ D27°Cp12′ D
10-May-20SunsextileNeptune17:15:5420°Ta27′ D20°Pi27′ D
11-May-20Saturn stations retrograde05:09:0901°Aq57′ R
11-May-20MercurysquareMars08:33:0228°Ta43′ D28°Aq43′ D
11-May-20MercuryentersGemini22:57:3800°Ge00′ D00°Ge00′ D
12-May-20MercurytrinePallas08:50:3700°Ge52′ D00°Aq52′ D
12-May-20NeptunesquareVesta10:49:3120°Pi29′ D20°Ge29′ D
12-May-20MarstrineNorth Node18:22:3029°Aq41′ D29°Ge41′ D
12-May-20MercurytrineSaturn21:13:4601°Ge57′ D01°Aq57′ R
13-May-20MarsentersPisces05:17:0600°Pi00′ D00°Pi00′ D
13-May-20Venus stations retrograde07:44:5921°Ge50′ R
14-May-20Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius15:02:3524°Aq13′ D24°Ta13′ D
14-May-20Jupiter stations retrograde15:31:5427°Cp14′ R
14-May-20MercurysquareCeres15:58:1605°Ge38′ D05°Pi38′ D
14-May-20MercurytrineJuno22:57:0006°Ge13′ D06°Li13′ R
15-May-20SuntrinePluto07:49:1324°Ta54′ D24°Cp54′ R
15-May-20VenusconjunctVesta10:43:3321°Ge45′ R21°Ge45′ D
15-May-20MercurysextileChiron21:22:0108°Ge06′ D08°Ar06′ D
16-May-20Mercury out of bounds – until June 9
17-May-20Pallas stations retrograde09:29:1800°Aq57′ R
17-May-20SuntrineJupiter17:39:4227°Ta13′ D27°Cp13′ R
20-May-20SunentersGemini14:49:0900°Ge00′ D00°Ge00′ D
21-May-20VenussquareNeptune00:02:2720°Ge39′ R20°Pi39′ D
21-May-20SuntrinePallas13:09:0000°Ge53′ D00°Aq53′ R
22-May-20MercuryconjunctVenus09:41:0320°Ge11′ D20°Ge11′ R
22-May-20SuntrineSaturn13:01:5501°Ge51′ D01°Aq51′ R
22-May-20MercurysquareNeptune16:42:4120°Ge41′ D20°Pi41′ D
22-May-20New Moon in Gemini18:38:4402°Ge04′ D02°Ge04′ D
24-May-20MarsconjunctCeres22:51:1207°Pi57′ D07°Pi57′ D
25-May-20MarssextileUranus07:47:5908°Pi12′ D08°Ta12′ D
26-May-20MercuryconjunctVesta05:21:3626°Ge18′ D26°Ge18′ D
26-May-20UranussextileCeres11:13:4008°Ta16′ D08°Pi16′ D
26-May-20SuntrineJuno15:46:0605°Ge48′ D05°Li48′ R
27-May-20Juno stations direct03:50:2705°Li48′ D
28-May-20MercuryconjunctNorth Node05:35:3329°Ge13′ D29°Ge13′ D
28-May-20MercuryentersCancer19:09:1200°Cn00′ D00°Cn00′ D
29-May-20SunsextileChiron14:56:5608°Ge39′ D08°Ar39′ D
29-May-20SunsquareCeres22:24:0008°Ge57′ D08°Pi57′ D
30-May-20First Quarter Moon in Virgo04:29:4709°Vi11′ D09°Ge11′ D

Painting – The Sisters by Mary Cassatt