Weekly Astrology Forecast May 4 – 10, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonLastly, we also have the Sun’s sextile to Neptune on May 10 too, like a holy touch of the Gods, a quiet hand on our shoulder, an angel in our corner. The Sun’s sextile to Neptune tunes us in to our mystical side. We may be more in tune with our life’s purpose or simply feel that life has purpose, even if we don’t know our personal mission yet. Whilst life may be far from perfect right now, the calmer vibration this week will perhaps help us to find meaning in the madness and to appreciate the quiet. Given that the Sun is in Taurus, a sign that loves to stop and smell the roses, we could certainly embrace the idea of a duvet day or a day devoted to our spirituality. In all matters, visualise the best version of your life to bring it into being.

This Week’s Major Aspects

04-May-20 Venus square Neptune. Sun conjunct Mercury
Unrequited love. Distracted by empty wishes. Disappointments.
Make dreams real by bringing together heart and mind

05-May-20 North Node enters Gemini, South Node enters Sagittarius
Less theory, more practice. Back to first grade. Question assumptions. Community spirit.

06-May-20 No major aspects

07-May-20 Full Moon in Scorpio, Mercury sextile Neptune
Trust calms intense emotions. Transformation comes when we go with the flow.
Poetry and lyrics create a safe space to explore deep feelings

08-May-20 No major aspects

09-May-20 Mercury trine Pluto
Perceptive thinking. Knowledge is power. Research. Mental control.

10-May-20 Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun sextile Neptune
Positive thinking. Visualise your best life. Create a vision board.