Venus Retrograde May 2020

Excerpt from patreon – Venus entered Gemini on April 3, beginning a four-month journey through this sign. It entered the shadow zone on April 9 and will station retrograde at 21GEM50 on May 13. The Sabian symbol of the station retrograde degree is ‘Dancing Couples In A Harvest Festival’. This symbol speaks of being in time, working together, harmonisation of movement and thought, knowing the steps. The sign Gemini itself is a mutable air sign associated with matters such as the mind and communication, duality, schooling and facts. The global third house attributed to Gemini is where we find our neighbours and local community, letters, newspapers and emails, cars, buses and trains. Ruled by Mercury, this house is connected to the gathering and sharing of information. With Venus retrograde in this sign and house, primarily, we need to look at how we are communicating with one another. For love relationships to work, we need to have a mental connection, to feel understood, to know that each other is listening. This would be the perfect time to discuss the fact that we can’t read each other’s minds! We are looking for our ‘other half’ (remember this is the sign of the twins) and in so doing, discovering the ‘other half’ of ourselves.

Gemini’s duality speaks of light and dark, outer and inner, the deep contractions we can hold within ourselves. For example, sometimes we can find ourselves in love with someone that we don’t like. Beyond relationships, we are also exploring a multitude (Gemini) of things we are attracted to. The heart is led by curiosity as we look for what we like, tasting, touching, smelling, listening, embracing all the senses in our quest for pleasure. Along the way we are quietly cataloguing our feelings and impressions, trying to come to a decision or a range of decisions that are a better reflection of the truth of our heart. Maybe we have to do some ‘unlearning’ so that we can value ourselves more highly.

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Venus Retrograde Major Aspects

03-Apr-20 Venus enters Gemini
09-Apr-20 Venus enter pre-shadow zone
11-Apr-20 Venus sextile Chiron
18-Apr-20 Mercury sextile Venus
04-May-20 Venus square Neptune
13-May-20 Venus stations retrograde
21-May-20 Venus square Neptune
22-May-20 Mercury conjunct Venus
03-Jun-20 Venus square Mars
03-Jun-20 Sun conjunct Venus
11-Jun-20 Venus sextile Chiron
25-Jun-20 Venus stations direct
10-Jul-20 Venus sextile Chiron
27-Jul-20 Venus square Neptune
29-Jul-20 Venus exits shadow zone
07-Aug-20 Venus enters Cancer

Painting – ‘The Flowers of Venus’ by John William Godward