Weekly Astrology Forecast May 25 – 31, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonMercury meets the North Node on May 28, ringing the bell of this anaretic karmic point. Important conversations, connections and information are possible around this time – all with the capacity to point us towards our truth North. Communicate your intention to the universe. Afterwards, Mercury will then enter Cancer, shifting our mindset to one which is more governed by feelings than thoughts. Our minds turn to issues connected to home and family, safety, comfort. We may be shyer about revealing our feelings as we sense a certain vulnerability in exposing the softness inside. And yet, we must find ways to voice our emotions. In matters of decision making, now is the time to trust your gut.

This Week’s Major Aspects

25-May-20 Mars sextile Uranus
Motivated to do something different. The freedom to take action. The courage to try something new.

26-May-20 No major aspects

27-May-20 Juno stations direct
Relationships find their footing. Agreements struck. Equality.

28-May-20 Mercury conjunct North Node. Mercury enters Cancer
An important conversation or message points the way ahead.
Finding ways to voice feelings. Thinking about home, family and safety.

29-May-20 Sun sextile Chiron
An opportunity for healing. Accept yourself as you are. Your story of triumph can help another to overcome suffering. Be a mentor.

30-May-20 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
Analysis paralysis. Discrimination in choices. Flexibility is required. Keep your hands and mind busy with meaningful work or tasks.

31-May-20 No major aspects

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