Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 1 – 7, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – The solar square to Mars on June 6 is a flashpoint as this super-heated aspect brings volatile energies. These two have been in orb since May 13 and will remain connected in a square until June 25. Tempers are short. We’re impatient, impulsive, reckless. Anger and aggression are common reactions under this influence. We’re easily provoked, pent up, restless, burned out, absolutely at the end of our tether with egos and toxic masculinity.  Positively, we’re moved to act from the heart and push towards the light. This aspect can inspire brilliant creativity, bravery, the courage to stand up and be seen. The drive towards self-actualisation is animated. It’s important to use this energy consciously, slow down a little, watch defensiveness and know your triggers. With Mars in unifying Pisces and the Sun in vocal Gemini, speaking up is an act of compassion.

This Week’s Major Aspects

01-Jun-20 Vesta conjunct North Node (in Gemini)
Focus on the karmic mission. Educate. Educate. Educate. Use your voice.

02-Jun-20 Mercury enters shadow zone
A slow down begins. Ideas in development need more time.  Conversations may be revisited later down the line.

03-Jun-20 Venus square Mars, Sun conjunct Venus
Volatile passion. A disconnect between what we value and what we want. Financial frustration. Lead with the heart. Know your worth.

04-Jun-20 No major aspects

05-Jun-20 Mercury sextile Uranus, Mercury square Chiron. Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Brilliant ideas force us to confront old pain. New information heals scars. Important realisations clarify beliefs and open horizons.

06-Jun-20 Sun square Mars
Intense frustration. Hair trigger reactions. Hot headed. Patience is required. Use this vivid energy to ignite creativity and courage.

07-Jun-20 Mercury trine Ceres
Feed your mind. Cherish stories. Talk with Mother Earth.

Painting – ‘Reflets impatients’ by Georges Mathieu