Weekly Astrology Forecast June 8 – 14, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun and Neptune form a square on June 11. This can be a difficult aspect because it can feel like being in a hall of mirrors. Reflections are distorted. How we perceive ourselves could be inaccurate. This dreamy, wistful atmosphere could be lovely for creatives as we’re living in our imagination under this influence. However, we could also be stuck on dreams that aren’t possible, holding out for a miracle instead of helping ourselves, negating our talents, saving others before we save ourselves. Neptune can erode what it touches, like the sea pushing against the land over time. We relax our boundaries too far, let others take advantage of us, give so much that we feel like nothing is left. Confidence may suffer too as uncertainty takes the shine off our usual performance. We’re more easily moved to tears. Energies can be lowered during this time too so it’s wise to give ourselves a break, take time off, get an early night. 

This Week’s Major Aspects

08-Jun-20 Venus square Ceres
Torn between the need for sociable human connection and a hunger for meaningful spiritual connection. Make time for conversation with loved ones and time alone for self-nurture.

09-Jun-20 Mercury returns in bounds
A return to mindful calm after feeling mentally pushed to the limits.

10-Jun-20 Uranus semi-sextile Chiron
Radical healing energy is available. Seek out mentors and teachers to see alternative perspectives

11-Jun-20 Sun square Neptune, Venus sextile Chiron
A tendency towards self-deception and escapism. Impossible dreams. Focus on heart healing.

12-Jun-20 No major aspects

13-Jun-20 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, Mars conjunct Neptune
Dreamy, distracted. A need to focus on the inner voice. Creativity is stimulated. Turn the other cheek. Action for peace.

14-Jun-20 No major aspects

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