Weekly Astrology Forecast June 15 – 21, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun conjoins the North Node on June 20 on the anaretic, critical degree of Gemini. This is an important moment as the Sun illuminates this new journey of the North Node in the sign of The Twins. Because the anaretic degree talks of extremes, it’s now extremely important that we listen to one another, find a way to connect despite differing opinions, sustain a dialogue, fact check, gather information, educate. These themes will be in effect for the next 18 months as the North Node travels through this sign. The challenge of the anaretic degree is that sometimes this can manifest as feeling scattered – the urgency behind the need to connect can lead us to make mistakes, skim important information, mishear, conclude too fast. Don’t forget, Mercury, the dispositor of the North Node, is now retrograde so we must slow down, we must reflect, we must think before speaking.

This Week’s Major Aspects

15-Jun-20 No major aspects

16-Jun-20 Venus trine Juno
An opportunity to explore our relationships with one another. Important discussions around equality and fairness

17-Jun-20 No major aspects

18-Jun-20 Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer
Time for a rethink around home and family matters. Questions around belonging. A need to talk about our feelings.

19-Jun-20 Mars sextile Pluto
Strength of will. Focus energies on what can be changed. The courage to let go of that which no longer serves. Constructive use of power.

20-Jun-20 Sun conjunct North Node, Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun enters Cancer/Solstice
The path of evolution is illuminated. Signs and signals. Listen – the universe is speaking. Increased energy. Forging ahead. The turn of the season. Light a candle to honour our star. Honour too your inner light.

21-Jun-20 Solar Eclipse in Cancer
An important new beginning in the realm of home, family and domestic issues. Emotional release from the past.

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