Mercury Retrograde in Cancer – June 2020

Mercury enters the shadow zone on June 2, 2020 and will station retrograde at 05:58 BST on June 18, 2020 at 14°Cn45′ R. During this year, each Mercury retrograde will occur in water signs (aside from a few degrees in Aquarius at the end of March’s retrograde and a few degrees of Libra at the end of October’s retrograde). These mostly watery retrogrades, encourage contemplation on our emotional life. It’s important to note too that Mercury is now the ruler of the transiting North Node, the point that speaks of our spiritual evolution. This suggests that each Mercury retrograde we experience during the transit of the North Node in Gemini will have some karmic story overtone to it.

Some ideas to consider whilst Mercury is retrograde in Cancer

Where do you belong?
Who are your family – blood relatives and/or kindred spirits?
Where do you feel cast out?
Are you connected to the right people in your life?
How is your relationship to food?
Are your feelings reflected in the people closest to you?
Deep down, how do you feel?
What feelings need to be vocalised?
Who are you when you close the front door, kick off your shoes and lie on the sofa?
Write your memoir
Get a DNA test
Do your family tree

Mercury Retrograde June 2020 Major Aspects

02-Jun-20 Mercury enters shadow zone
18-Jun-20 Mercury stations retrograde
26-Jun-20 Mercury trine Ceres
29-Jun-20 Mercury conjunct Vesta
30-Jun-20 Mercury sextile Uranus
01-Jul-20 Sun conjunct Mercury
01-Jul-20 Mercury square Chiron
02-Jul-20 Mercury square Juno
08-Jul-20 Mercury square Mars
12-Jul-20 Mercury stations direct
26-Jul-20 Mercury exits shadow zone

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