Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 2020

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 07:41 (BST) on June 21, 2020 at 00°Cn21′.

This eclipse is a North Node eclipse, meaning that events and impressions that occur around this time are there to help our soul’s growth. We’re asked to come out of our comfort zone (the South Node), watch for signs and signals, pay attention to our gut instincts.

But this isn’t easy as the eclipse takes place in Cancer – a sign associated with home and family, the quiet indoor world we inhabit away from the public eye. In Cancer we’re concerned about safety and our emotions are heightened. Here we need to feel like we belong and we’re sensitive to undercurrents in our country and environment.

The eclipse is widely square to Mars in Pisces, itself still in a waning conjunction to Pisces ruler Neptune. So, in the background, we’re aware of boiling conflict, uneasiness, helplessness. And yet this same aspect has been the driving force pushing us to stand up and defend those who have been marginalised by society. Spiritual warriors have stood up and said no to racism and yes to unity. The square from Mars to the eclipse tells us that we’re dealing with tiring ongoing conflicts that threaten to sap energy, drive and will – and yet, if we’re willing to step up, we can use these energies productively, imaginatively, compassionately.

The eclipse is also quincunx Saturn, an irritation that tells us that we must make some adjustments to accommodate for responsibilities, commitments and rules that may also feel uncomfortable.  This aspect encourages us to find ways to support ourselves, even when circumstances are less than desirable.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is :-

On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One

At the turn of the season, we are also witnessing a change in our standards. This is a powerful moment in history. What we once aspired to has now fallen out of favour. Now is the time to pledge a new allegiance, up our game, set a different course.

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Painting – ‘Ship’ by David Burliuk