Neptune Retrograde 2020

Extract from PatreonNeptune stations retrograde at 05:32 (BST) on June 23, 2020 at 20°Pi57′ R.
Halfway through the Neptune retrograde, we always have an opposition between the Sun and Neptune. Erin Sullivan in her book ‘Retrograde Planets’ suggests that this “…marks the period in which the greatest losses of ego control and boundaries occur”. Explore in your chart the house where Neptune is currently transiting to see where in life you need to relax your boundaries, surrender and allow yourself to be shaped and moulded by spiritual and creative experiences. It is also important to note however, that this is also the place where self-deception can occur so it can be helpful to pay attention to the advice of trusted friends as we cannot always see this part of life clearly whilst Neptune is here.

During the retrograde period, we are made aware of where we are dreaming impossible dreams that undermine our true potential as well as keep us in a fixed state of feeling abandoned by the Gods. Just as the sea erodes the land, Neptune will keep working on our inner walls which close off aspects to ourselves that we would rather not see. Neptune can raise monsters from the deep and invoke deities from above – each have something important to impart.

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23-Jun-20 Neptune stations retrograde
12-Jul-20 Sun trine Neptune
27-Jul-20 Jupiter sextile Neptune
27-Jul-20 Venus square Neptune
30-Jul-20 Mercury trine Neptune
27-Aug-20 Venus trine Neptune
30-Aug-20 Mercury opposite Neptune
11-Sep-20 Sun opposite Neptune
12-Oct-20 Jupiter sextile Neptune
18-Oct-20 Venus opposite Neptune
10-Nov-20 Sun trine Neptune
24-Nov-20 Mercury trine Neptune
29-Nov-20 Neptune stations direct

Painting – ‘Neptune’s Horses’ by Walter Crane