Weekly Astrology Forecast June 29 – July 5, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – July 2 is the date that Saturn returns to Capricorn. As the Lord of Karma and Old Father Time moves back to the anaretic degree of the Goat, we are put on notice that there is unfinished business to attend to. It is now critical that we take responsibility for manifesting or more stable society (Saturn is a social planet). It is urgent that we grow up, commit, realise we are capable, complete, achieve. Each of us have an individual mission within the collective and maybe many of us over the past few months have encountered extreme doubts – doubts about our abilities, worth, future. With Saturn conjunct Pluto (still in orb and slowly closing distance), this is a time of regenerations, a heavy karmic reset, a purge of inner restrictions and limitations. Yes, it is hard work but with Saturn, we always know that it’s worth it. Saturn will remain on the anaretic degree until July 15. After that, Saturn will continue to retrograde through Capricorn, stationing direct on September 29 and finally leaving this sign on December 17.

This Week’s Major Aspects

29-Jun-20 Mercury conjunct Vesta
Mental focus. Words are sacred. Pay attention to old memories and recurring thoughts.

30-Jun-20 Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Sun square Chiron, Mercury sextile Uranus
Enormous change. A great catalyst. Painful realisations yet an opportunity for new insight.

01-Jul-20 Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury square Chiron, Sun sextile Uranus,
Clarification. Understanding. A moment with the Gods. Difficult conversations. A chance to experiment with new ways of being. Self-liberation.

02-Jul-20 Saturn re-enters Capricorn – anaretic degree. Pluto conjunct Pallas
Time to step up. Taking responsibility for the part we play in society. Intense self-doubt yet the possibility of great accomplishment. The power of women. The power of reconciliation.

03-Jul-20 No major aspects

04-Jul-20 Jupiter conjunct Pallas
Understanding patterns. Big negotiations. Law and diplomacy. The voice of reason.

05-Jul-20 Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
Crumbling walls. An end to outdated structures and systems. Hidden fruits. Shake up the old order. What was unseen is seen.

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