Weekly Astrology Forecast July 6 – 12, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – Chiron himself stations retrograde on July 12 asking us to review the last seven months and especially to pay attention to where we feel we failed to initiate or thrive. Aries is a feisty sign, full of energy and vigour and eager to break new ground. But with Chiron here, collectively we are all finding it hard to move forwards, less inclined to take a risk, wary of being hurt. No doubt there are some scars that we have gathered along the way, life’s nicks and cuts as we attempt to pursue our passions. Until the middle of December, we have time now to check in with ourselves, acknowledge pain or mistakes and find the lesson in our experience.

This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Jul-20 No major aspects

07-Jul-20 Ceres stations retrograde
Soul nurturing is required. Learning to let go. Healing depression.

08-Jul-20 Mercury square Mars
Argumentative vibrations. Cross words. Count to ten before replying. Mental strength.

09-Jul-20 No major aspects

10-Jul-20 Venus sextile Chiron
Love is healing. A chance to work on sensitive points in relationships.

11-Jul-20 Chiron stations retrograde
Time to tend to old wounds. Eventually coming back stronger after a knock to confidence.

12-Jul-20 Mercury stations direct. Sun trine Neptune
Resolution to nagging problems from the past. A time to look ahead. Self-compassion.
Trust your intuition. Bathed in the light of the soul. Miracles.

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Painting – Angel with the Flaming Sword by Franz Stuck