Weekly Astrology Forecast July 13 – 19, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonJuly 15 could be the crisis point as the Sun opposes Pluto. It brings everything to a volcanic head and something absolutely has to give. The question is what? We’ve got to find a way to be okay with what isn’t in our control. We need to clear out what isn’t working. We must face those things that scare us. We have to challenge toxic relationships. Positively, this aspect can reinforce our sense of purpose and encourage us to take back our power. However, we also need to have our hands lightly on the reins. The more we try to force our will on the world, the more the world will push back.

This Week’s Major Aspects

13-Jul-20 Last Quarter Moon in Aries, Sun opposite Pallas
An impatient drive to pursue goals is tempered by a frustrated need to problem solve outer world responsibilities and commitments. Find the strength to hold back until you get the green light.

14-Jul-20 Sun opposite Jupiter, Mars conjunct Chiron
Overwhelm. Overblown egos. Stirring up old anger. Or, an opportunity to activate healing. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

15-Jul-20 Sun opposite Pluto
Crisis point. Face fears. Remove what is toxic. Let go.

16-Jul-20 Venus square Ceres
A need to satisfy a desire for light-hearted conversation conflicts with a need to quietly nurture the soul. Make room for both to bring back harmony.

17-Jul-20 No major aspects

18-Jul-20 No major aspects

19-Jul-20 No major aspects

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