New Moon in Cancer July 2020 – Ancient History

The New Moon occurs at 18:32 (BST) on July 20, 2020 at 28°Cn26′.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer this year which gives us a second chance to set the seeds of our intentions.

The New Moon chart contains a lot of Cardinal energy. Cardinal energy is uprushing, forthright, pushing forwards. But the sign Cancer, like the crab, likes to approach things from side on. Here we test the water, feel out what is safe and viable. With a strong focus on the element of water, our emotions are close to the surface – more so as the Moon is in her own domain. It’s important that we monitor our responses so that we don’t take things too personally.

Note that the Moon is in the degree of the Nodes, along with Saturn. Planets in the degree of the Nodes take on greater significance. It tells us that there is a story about karmic patterns bound up in this lunation and this is emphasised by the New Moon’s tight opposition to Saturn, Lord of Karma. As if we needed any further indications of how important these times are, the New Moon occurs just as comet Neowise is reaching its closest approach to Earth on July 23. It will be in the theatrical sign of Leo, perfect for a dramatic encounter with an ancient heavenly messenger that has 6.6 billion years of travels under its belt. We will not see it again for another 6800 years.

When I was a child, I used to dream of a man with a long white beard who would point his staff to the constellation of the Great Bear and make the stars move. As an adult, I had this constellation tattooed on my shoulder to honour this dream and the wise old spirit who showed me my path. It feels important somehow to know that comet Neowise will be in the constellation of the Ursa Major at its peak. Comets are omens, harbingers, bringers of important news. We are already in a year that will live long in the history books. The signs of change are coming thick and fast. Neo wise – new wisdom. It seems resonant with Saturn moving into Aquarius at the end of this year. The phrase the ‘new normal’ is already entrenched in the media. Neowise and Saturn tell us that there is no going back. We can no longer cling to the past, something that Cancer is inclined to do.

At the last New Moon in Cancer, Saturn was quincunx the lights meaning that it was difficult to see what was blocking us. Now, with Saturn opposing this lunation, it’s as though we’re fully aware of the problems, responsibilities and restrictions that are holding us back. It’s uncomfortable for the soft and sensitive Cancer sensibilities but still, now we know what we’re dealing with.

Despite it being a time of new beginnings, we may find that there is something standing in the way of our objectives. Maybe we need a delay before we make a start on new domestic plans or family matters. Maybe we need time to figure out what we’re trying to achieve. Saturn as Old Father Time reminds us – to everything, a season.

The New Moon is opposite Pluto which tells us that facing our fears is also part of the equation. The most basic fears are connected to the unknown and things that are not within our control. Once again, we must confront shadow material and explore where our past (Cancer) is attempting to dictate our future. We must unearth toxic emotional content, acknowledge any neediness or dependency issues born from manipulative family dynamics. Maybe for some of us, the presence of Pluto is simply reflected in our current circumstances, where the threat of Covid-19 along with the tumultuous changes it has brought with it, have threatened our very existence and left us feeling unprotected and exposed. The foundations of our world are shaking and little feels safe right now. The opposition from the New Moon to Jupiter suggests that we need to be conscious of where we might over-inflate already pressing problems.

These are testing times, but we do have a soft spot to fall as the Sun and Moon form a trine to gentle Neptune in Pisces. It’s a reminder to use our imagination constructively, to fall back on prayer, meditation and other spiritual work; to remember that we are all connected; to forgive. If you feel rootless and afraid, call on your spiritual guardians and guides. Interpret your circumstances as if it were a dream to find meaning. Draw strength from faith. Don’t forget to look up to the stars and wonder at the vastness of space. Sink into a moment with an ancient traveller who whispers stories of our origins and who will carry our tales beyond our end.

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Painting – Gran cometa de 1882 by Jose Maria Velasco